09 February 2010

Risky Beauty..Know When to "Brush It Off"

We all love a bargain and we all have beauty brands we swear by but always look for a bargain if we can. Most turn to eBay to seek out those bargains. Our obsession with beauty can often times leave us in a position of putting our health at risk. The internet is one of the best ways to shop, much less bargain shop. On a good day from a reputable shop you can come away with the purchase of your dreams. From a "road less traveled" shop you can wind up in the emergency room and out of your hard earned cash.

The most counterfeited cosmetics line is MAC. However, if it's made it probably have a copy cat out there. Just for the honor and bragging rights people often disregard their health and safety only to be left with devastating and sometimes permanent scars or disfigurement. These fakes are often manufactured overseas where the regulations are laxed and you have no way of knowing WHAT is used to make these "look-alike" cosmetic items. If you're an eyeshadow junkie like I am, your eyes are probably the MOST sensitive to cosmetics so using items designed for the eyes that are safe and healthy are imperative to maintain healthy eyes. Granted there are some "real" cosmetics items that you may have a reaction to and may have to stop using the product. I recall watching an investigative documentary about counterfeiting in China and they were using dry wall, baby powder and other unsafe substances for human consumption for counterfeit medication! Can you IMAGINE what they use for fake or cheaply made cosmetics?!

Many of us are VERY guilty of wearing makeup to bed. It happens. Drunken night, come home, sleep. Party all night, come home, sleep. Not feeling well at work, come home, sleep. There could be a number of reasons why we may negate washing our faces (at least) before laying down for the evening. The very makeup you know and love can turn on you giving you eye infections (most common), problematic acne just to name a few with "real" makeup. Can you imagine if you were wearing "fake" makeup? You could very well go blind or get very ill.

Here are a few tips to help you curb your need to take a risk with your beauty:

1. DO NOT ask a retailer to purchase an open cosmetic item for a discount. You don't know who used it, how many people used it and what germs, bacteria or diseases lurk. It is NEVER that serious.
2. If you ABSOLUTELY MUST shop eBay make sure you KNOW the brand you're purchasing. If you can't tell if it's a fake or real or have reservations about purchasing it- DON'T. Purchase it directly from a reputable licensed retailer. This will save you time and possibly your LIFE.
3. Don't be afraid to ask questions. A reputable seller should never appear aloof or defensive. They can have 100% feedback but that doesn't make them a reputable.
4. DO NOT purchase a seemingly "real" cosmetic item that the seller seems to have an unlimited supply of...and they most likely they have multiple listings of the SAME items possibly under a different user name.
5. Don't purchase used cosmetic items via the internet AT ALL. You can sanitize until the cows come home- that doesn't mean that you'll rid of any and ALL bacteria, virus or other contaminates for safe use and application.
6. Stop budget beauty shopping because you don't have the funds and risk your health.
7. Search Google and beauty forums for those who have had the unfortunate experience of purchasing counterfeit items. Their experiences should most certainly steer you away from making the same mistake.

At no time you should take a chance with your health and beauty. People do it EVERYDAY just so they can have a pretty eyeshadow or the must have lip color. The consequences far outweigh the necessity to have these items. Shop smart. Shop safe.


  1. Very good read Tini! My father ALWAYS taught me that buying the cheapest thing is never really a good idea. (who would've known I could apply that to a "beauty" tip LOL) Bottom line, if its too good to be true then more than likely, it is. I'd rather spend the extra change than compromise my health. Its just not worth it!

  2. I read in this forum that this girl was so desperate to purchase the last lip gloss (which the security plastic was compromised) she asked for a discount and claimed she sanitized the brush....but what about the CONTENTS?! OMG that grossed me out so bad I had to write this post. Sometimes the extra couple of dollars is so much worth it.


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