04 February 2010

Sweet Nature Product Review

Sweet Nature products are all natural hair products that appeals to natural hair women as well as those who are looking for alternatives to commercial hair products.

There is the Love Hair Conditioner, Inspiration Shampoo, Wisdom Shea & Cocoa Butter and Dream Cream Butter. I used the products as a system for this review.

Disclaimer: Sweet Nature Products provided me with free samples of this product to review and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.*

The Inspiration Shampoo

What it claims:Contains no SLS or SLES, will moisturize and cleanse the hair thoroughly.

What it did for me:It lathered pretty well and smells kind of like baby powder. It did leave my hair feeling clean and there was no residue.

Love Hair Conditioner

What it claims: "Detangling will be a breeze with this rich and creamy conditioner. Love will leave your hair unbelievably soft and manageable. The tingling sensation of the peppermint oil will awaken your scalp and stimulate your follicles."

What it did for me: Creamy and light I like the consistency. It was indeed easy to detangle my hair and left it soft after washing it out.

Dream Cream Butter Moisturizer and Wisdom Shea Cocoa Moisturizer

What it claims:" ...made with Shea Butter, Olive Butter, Cocoa Butter and other lovely butters and oils. It will leave your hair super soft and ultra manageable and moisturized. It's also an excellent body butter."

What it did for me: I used both on different occasions to two strand twist my hair. They both left my hair manageable and moisturized. Not to mention they both smell great.

Growth Moisturizing Spray

What it claims:"This spray will leave your hair quenched, soft and unbelievably manageable. It contains herbs that assist in a healthy scalp and follicle stimulation. You will find no better braid spray anywhere. Spray your hair daily and bask in the softness."

What it did for me: This is a great daily spray to help style your hair or a great boost to dry hair.

Glow: These are all natural products great for all hair types. I absolutely loved the butter creams! The conditioner left my hair manageable.

Glare: I would have liked to see consistency in the fragrance with the shampoo and conditioner. The conditioner is peppermint scented and the shampoo is lighter and sort of baby powder scented. The two extremes in scent is a little off putting.

Overall Glam: Aside from the different fragrances of the products, I like this line. My favs are the butters and the growth moisturizer is great too.

If you would like to learn more about this line please visit www.sweetnaturebyeddie.com

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