10 February 2010

Valentines Look: Brave Red

Valentines Day is coming up!!! For those going out and about with your sweetie, its about time to find that perfect outfit and makeup! I think this holiday is a good time to start putting pieces together. If you have money to spend or have to keep it to what you have in your closet, take clothing separates and create an outfit.  Nothing more special than building what you like... That's what fashion is all about. 

With this outfit I created, I took three pieces and paired it with some key accessories.   Instead of doing a dress, I took a sexy red skirt (Goddess style for those who love their legs), a black funky see-through top (Want to show a little skin but still leave something to the imagination), and paired it with a small grey vest (To keep those "special areas" hidden). These pieces came together to make a sexy yet classy look to make anyone blush. 

 I paired this set with earrings and some black heels. I chose bigger earrings because the hair was pushed back and I wanted to draw more attention to her beautiful face.  Ladies never be ashamed to accentuate what you feel is sexy about your body, just do it with taste. Its all about what makes you feel good when you wear it.

With this outfit or any Valentines outfit, keep the makeup simple. Neutral colors work best for Valentines, especially if you're planning to wear some variation of red. Too much makeup with a red outfit can wash you out, and we don't want that!!!

As Always Keep it Sexy and Classy!



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