11 March 2010

Check The Black Look

This is a great outfit choice for all you skirt lovers out there.  This upcoming season I say get wacky and crazy with your skirt choices... hey even try to make some or  revamp old  skirts. The skirt I picked for this look is by Josefin Strid, its a short black and white checkered flirty skirt!  I paired it with a cute black shirt by Txell Miras.  This is definitely not a top for everyone, if you are into detail and craziness go for it!!!  I paired the outfit with some cute pink boots by Rizzo. The outfit was already black and white, no use in drowning it in more!  With outfits always do what feels good to you! Be classy and as crazy as you feel. Follow the trend of you! That's what fashion is all about.

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