01 March 2010

Glow Girl Spotlight: Exposed Organics

I'm excited to bring another Glow Girl Spotlight Interview. We decided to do this series because there are so many women out there that are really working hard making things happen for themselves. I wanted them to have an outlet to tell the story of how they got started and inspire other women to do the same. I was able to snag an interview with Celeste Abrams from the Exposed Organics! Did we Expose them? Peep the interview to find out! If you're interested in being featured in our Glow Girl series please feel free to email us.

Let me start by saying that doing this job we meet a lot of different people and deal with a few different companies. Some actually don't respond to your questions but some get a A+ for customer service. One of my best experiences came from Exposed Organics, which is why I decided to feature them this month!

1. I love the fact that you're a mommy, wife, and business owner. How
do you find time to manage it all?

I have a very supportive husband! My husband, Andy is a property investor, which allows him to arrange his schedule around our daughters' school and social schedules. We have a 6 year old in half day kindergarten, and a 7 (almost 8) year old in 2nd grade...so one of us is at their school 3x a day! We open our store at noon, so I can pick my daughter up from school on my way into work and hang out with her at the store. Its a very demanding schedule for all of us, but we make it work! I also have an amazing team at exposed organics who help me in every aspect of the business, from sales and makeup artistry to product development and events planning. I wouldn't be able to do this without their help and support!

2. How hard was it to open a store and get started?

Opening our store was a very trying but rewarding process. We went through months of local and state zoning red tape only to have to relocate and start from scratch. Being forced to start over ended up being a blessing in disguise! We found a great storefront in a location we love and things are starting to fall into place for us as a company. There were many times when we felt like giving up, but our hard work and determination is starting to pay off!

3. What sets you apart from other makeup companies?

We keep our makeup free of petroleum, parabens, lead, dyes and perfumes. Our makeup is created by hand in small batches, which allows us to have a large variety of color and natural flavoring choices. We offer do-it-yourself custom makeup blending in our store and we are currently working on making custom blending available to our online customers. There are currently 45 mineral pigments to blend for eyes, nails, hair, and lips. We have 16 delicious natural flavoring choices for lip products, like bubblegum, watermelon, cola, candy cane and cotton candy. We are in the process of adding custom blush, foundation and pressed shadow blending also! Exposed Organics offers high quality mineral makeup at affordable prices.

4. What type of woman do you make exposed organics for?

Exposed Organics offers something for every type of woman and men as well. We offer mineral eye shadows and dye-free pigments in colors ranging from sheer to extremely bold, so every makeup lover will find something that suits their needs. If you are not a makeup wearer, our cleansers, moisturizers, and lip balms and butters are wonderful! Our prices are very reasonable, so we fit into everyone's beauty budget.

5. Your Oil Cleanser is really a lifesaver! What is the secret behind it?

Our Plain Jane purifying oil cleanser and makeup remover combines the deep cleansing properties of Castor oil, the moisturizing properties of sunflower oil and a blend of pure essential oils that naturally nourish, clear and balance skin. Many cleansers contain chemicals that strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving your skin dry, dull and unprotected, which can lead to skin problems like acne, rosacea and clogged pores. Plain Jane purifying oil is a natural cleanser and makeup remover that leaves your skin clean, radiant and moisturized, while reducing acne and improving your skin's tone and texture. Plain Jane purifying oil comes in 4 formulas for oily, dry, acne proned and combination/sensitive skin types.

6. What is your favorite must have product from your line? Why?

I have 2 favorite products - Plain Jane purifying oil cleanser and Nectar transforming medium. Plain Jane purifying oil has rescued my skin! My skin has never been this radiant and clear, and my overall skin tone and texture has improved drastically. I get stopped on the street by people who have thanked me for changing their lives with our oil cleanser. Its our best selling product for a reason! Nectar transforming medium is a great addition to any makeup lover's collection. Nectar minimizes eyeshadow creasing, intensifies pigments, and turns shadows and pigments into an amazing liquid liner. The best thing about nectar transforming medium is that its 100% natural, so you can apply your makeup without worrying about harsh chemicals coming in contact with your eyes.

7. What 5 products do you keep in your bag?

I always carry at least 4 lip lubes and lip slips in different flavors with me. We live in Pennsylvania, and the winters can be really harsh, so i try to keep my lips protected at all times. I also carry a few custom blended lip glazes. My favorite lip glaze flavors right now are candy cane, watermelon and bubblegum, so i usually carry one of each. I have a small container of our meg-a-vanilla body frosting for when i need a little sparkle and sheen on my arms or legs. The natural mica in our body frosting reflects light, so you get that supermodel glow. My bag also has olive, celestial, coal and diva eye dusts because they make perfect liner, lid and smokey eye colors if I'm out and need a quick makeup change...and a bottle of nectar to help make that makeup change happen!

8. What advice can you give to our readers that may be on the verge of
starting a business?

Don't give up. No matter how defeated you may feel at times, or how hopeless things may seem, keep following your dream. If you do what you truly love, all of the stress and sacrifice is completely worth it.

I hope you enjoyed this interview and I really hope you were paying attention. Check Back Tomorrow to get down to the Knitty Gritty of what her products have to offer AND she is sponsoring a giveaway!!!!!

Keep Glowing,


  1. Great to see a woman handling her business with such a crazy schedule! What's even better, she has a great support system! Love it!

  2. Excellent Interview!!! I'm really interested in trying that Oil Cleanser Now lol!


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