10 March 2010

Jolie MD Product Review

Our skin is completely bare for the world to see. They get to see every blemish, mark, pimple, discoloration you could ever have (and NOT want). Jolie MD has proven that it can give you softer-smoother skin, diminish lines, lighten discolorations, even out skintone, FEWER ACNE BREAKOUTS AND have less oily skin. Is this a miracle? Why yes, it is! Created by Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons this is the créme de la créme for those looking for a product that will help with multiple skin issues.

At $96 you may balk at the price but if you went to have a dermatologist perform a skin procedure on you the procedure would far exceed the cost of this product and you would still have to wait to see it if works great for you. It is a two step system consisting of a serum and a creme-lotion like application. After my experience I did notice a huge improvement in less oiliness. I usually have T-zone oiliness and noticed it was lessened after using Jolie MD. I also had a few dark spots that diminished and my texture did improve slightly. Another great thing about this product is that it was designed specifically for safe and highly effective use by African-American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern and Asian skin.

One of the only things I noticed was some dryness and peeling below eye in the upper cheek area when I first started using the product. I think I have applied a little too much during application but after adjusting I didn't experience the peeling and dryness going forward.

To learn more about Jolie MD and visit http://www.joliemd.com/
Disclaimer: JolieMD provided me with free samples of this product to review and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.*


  1. I have a few questions if you don't mind my asking...

    1) How long did you use this product?
    2) Do you still use the product?
    3) Did you use this product every day as recommended.

    Thanks for the review!

  2. Anonymous,

    Thanks for reading the review! To answer your questions:
    1. I used it for about a month consistently for the initial review
    2. I use it when I have noticeable skin issues currently
    3. As answered in Q#1, I did use it everyday as recommended

    I will say once your skin improves give the product a break and use it when you need to.


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