09 March 2010

Lumixyl Creme Product Review

Don't you hate when you have an unsightly blemish on your face at the WRONG time? You could use strong and harsh cremes to rid those blemishes but I think I found a great safer gentler alternative. Sometimes quick fixes, although quick can do some damage if not used properly. Lumixyl came in handy for me when I got the dreaded blemish between the eyes. UGH! I HATE those! They always seem to creep up when you REALLY don't want them to. It's gentle and safe to use over prolonged use. Here are some benefits of Lumixyl:

Non-irritating or allergenic
Safe for all skin types
Safe for prolonged use
Easily degraded by the skin
Will not increase skin’s sensitivity to the sun
Stabilized so that it will not lose potency or turn brown after opening
A luxurious, moisture-rich texture

After a week and half of using Lumixyl that dreaded, horrible blemish 'tween my eyes had faded! No stinging, burning, NOTHING! This stuff is great! It's a little pricey BUT it is so gentle and cutting edge without all the harsh chemicals. Most cremes you can't use for prolonged periods of time but with this you can use it as long as you need to achieve great results. Lucky for me and unfortunately for that nasty blemish it only took a week and a half (and I'm still using it just because!)

To learn more about Lumixyl please visit their site.

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