01 March 2010

Nail Junkie: CHI Ceramic Nail Lacquer

Yes, the same company that makes my favorite ceramic flat irons also makes nail polish! And not just any polish;  CHI is actually  formulated with ceramic to promote stronger nails. I purchased three fab colors while at the Bronner Brother's Hair Show last weekend.

They had so many beautiful colors to choose from but these were my top 3 favorites!

Double Fisted Fuchsia 

Taken w/o Flash

This pink was definitely my favorite out of the bunch, the color was sizzling! This was my first time EVER painting my nails Pink and I was very pleased with the results. 

My Knight In Shinning Armour 

Taken w/o Flash

I loved the deep hue of this color, it was very subtle. 

Gold Standard

Taken w/o Flash

 The Gold was a more modest & neutral color, which is something I would normally wear. 

Likes: The colors are extremely vibrant and very true to what they look like in the bottle. They are very rich & plentiful so you only really need one coat.

Dislikes: Here's the kicker, I HATED the fact that not even after a few hours the polish started chipping!!! That was a complete deal breaker for me, you mean to tell me I can't even get through a 24 hour day without my freshly painted nails becoming a disaster? At first I thought well maybe I'm doing too many things and THAT's the reason for the mishaps! But nooooo all three colors chipped like clockwork.  

Would I Recommend It: I would! But, I'd also recommend purchasing a nail treatment to go along with it. They have a Ceramic Base & Top Coat Treatment that specifically prevents the polish from chipping or peeling. I sure wish the rep who sold it to me would have TOLD me about this before I purchased the polish because I would've bought it. 

Overall: Honestly, I really love the colors but I can't say that I'm completely sold just yet. For CHI to be such a highly trusted brand they should be ashamed for making a polish that REQUIRES you to buy an additional "treatment" just for the sake of the original polish not chipping! IMO its misleading and they need to clearly state that they recommend you to buy the polish AND treatment as a set. I haven't met a woman yet who'd continue to buy a polish that chipped if the wind blew in the wrong direction, get it together CHI...


  1. I heard that UV polish helps with chipping. That sucks that the polish started chipping right away! I think EVERY girl hates that! I wonder if their protectant really works?

  2. girl I read a few reviews online and most of them were saying that they STILL experienced chipping after a couple of days! What a mess! I'm gonna look for some UV polish 2morrow, thx for the heads up!

  3. I am a nail tech in the midwest and am shocked to hear about the CHI nail lacquer chipping, I have been using it for 3 years now and have had excellent results. Like any line it is recommended to be used as a system for best results. As a nail tech I would never recommend using any nail lacquer on natural nails without base and top coat. I would recommend CHI Nail Lacquer over anything!

  4. another great one is O.P.I

  5. I tried the base & top coat...the polish still chips. I did my nails yesterday and they chipped TODAY...maybe sometimes last night but I noticed this am.
    I'm writing my review now


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