05 March 2010

Neoteric Cosmetics Alpha Hydrox

As you get older, caring for your skin becomes increasingly important. Environmental pollutants, wind, dirt, etc are the skin's arch enemy. Those coupled with UV rays and aging it seems were in a battle to maintain great skin. Neoterics Alpha Hydrox is one of the best AHA brands I have used. 
Alpha Hydrox Nourishing Cleanser ($8.49, 4.5 oz) is one of the thickest, gentle cleansers I have ever used. It's so thick you only need a dime size amount to cleanse your face. Contains Pro-vitamin B5 & Vitamin A&E microbeads condition and help protect against damage & aging. The cleanser is also soap free which is great because it will not dry out your skin! After cleansing, you can either use Alpha Hydrox Souffle 12% AHA ($15.49, 1.6oz) smoothes, softens & restores skin without the use of abrasives. Peptides & Green Tea preserve firmness and prevent free radicals from breaking skin down. It is very light and absorbs very well not leaving your skin oily or sticky. If you want to "breathe" some life into your face use the Alpha Hydrox Oxygenated Moisturizer ($14.99, 2 oz) unlike the other products this one does not contain AHA's. Great for smooth makeup applications and is designed to be absorbed quickly. Non-greasy,  it also helps stimulate natural collagen production. For those times you need to give your face a good deep down exfoliation use the Alpha Hydrox Wipes 14% AHA ($16.99, 24 wipes) Exfoliates dead cells and blemishes, allowing healthier more radiant skin to emerge, diminishes fines lines and wrinkles, improves skin's firmness. Immediately reveals brighter, smoother, more even-toned skin.

One thing I found in using AHA's I have to cycle on and off with them. While my face LOVES AHA's, maybe after two weeks of use, I have to scale back because my face tends to get a little sensitive to them. I always notice skin improvement IMMEDIATELY and this is a staple in my skincare. African American women tend to have blemishes and marks and using AHA's can help diminish those imperfections in your skin and help improve skin tone. If your skin tends to get a little dry when using AHA's, which is normal sometime, use a good moisturizer.

Compared to the other AHA brand that I've used in the past, Neoteric is by far the best! To learn more about their products please visit www.neotericcosmetics.com

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