03 March 2010

Product Review: Pantene Pro-V Relaxed & Natural

I was overjoyed when I was presented with the opportunity to try out Pantene's Relaxed & Natural Intensive Moisturizing hair care collection. Mainly because it's specifically formulated for women of color and I've experienced first hand how hard it is to find mainstream products that are designed for our various grades of hair. Not only did I get a chance to experience the products for myself but my sister also wanted to give it a try. Did we achieve the same results? Did the products meet our expectations? Find out in both of our reviews below...

What It Claims: Formulated for women of color. Helps make your hair up to 99% stronger against damage

After Using Pantene Pro-V Relaxed & Natural

My hair texture is fine & naturally curly and its been well over a year since I've had any chemicals aside from hair color put in it. I guess its safe to say I've "transitioned" into becoming completely natural. When people ask what products I use on my hair I always draw a blank because I honestly have no clue lol. I know it sounds crazy but its rare that I wash my own hair and my beautician keeps my hair looking fab so I never really asked questions ( is that bad?) But recently I've cut down on the weekly salon visits so I was really excited to see what Pantene could do for me.

Breakage Defense Deep Conditioning Mask

Likes: I absolutely LOVE the smell of the deep conditioner its so gravitating, you literally don't want to put it down. I also liked the fact that I could easily run my fingers through my curls without everything getting all tangled up.  It made it much easier to manage! I have really oily hair and I noticed that the shampoo gave me a squeaky clean feel without completely stripping my hair, that was definitely a plus because some products leave your hair dry and stripped from its natural moisture which leads to damage.

Dislikes: I can't really call this a dislike but I just wish I could use the Deep Conditioning Mask on my skin too because the smell was just too yummy!

Would I Recommend It: Yes, Yes and YES!! In fact I already did lol, I was out the other day and someone asked me what products I used on my hair and of course I proudly told them Pantene Relaxed & Natural!!!
After Styling

Overall: I love it! Pantene has definitely found a customer for life because I intend on using it for a very long time. After drying and flat ironing my hair it had so much bounce & body and it was soooo soft!

Kim's Review (my sis) 
After Styling

My hair type is fine/curly. I've searched for the PERFECT hair products that I can use at home for a long time. Odara suggested I try the Pantene products and I have to say after trying them - I am in love! The search for the perfect hair products between salon visits is over :-)!

After Styling

Likes: My hair tangles when it is wet and I often have to use a detangling conditioner. This time I didn't need it.

Dislikes: I didn't care for the smell of the shampoo because it couldn't compare to the heavenly smell of both conditioners.

Would I Recommend It: Without a doubt! In fact after Odara saw the finished product, she was in awe!

Overall: Pantene products superseded my expectations! This particular line is for natural and relaxed hair. My hair is natural and I have not had a perm in almost two years. After flat ironing my hair, I was shocked at the results! My hair had so much body, it looked like I had just stepped out of the salon. My hair was also very soft and silky. Again- my search is over and thanks to Pantene (and Odara suggesting it), I am confident that I will have salon results every time I wash and style my hair.

Kim's son (my nephew) Malachi just couldn't resist jumping in one of the photos LOL!

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  1. Your nephew is so handsome!! I love the Relaxed and Natural setting lotion!

  2. First off you and your sister looks like twins! lol.

    I used this line for like 2 months, I liked it, but kinda kept my hair a little to dry.

  3. Thx ladies! LOL @shercole we do not look like twins

  4. I love, love the breakage defense mask! It makes my hair so soft. :-) And your nephew is a little cutie pututie. lol

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