22 March 2010

Unii Wants to Know: Got "Pot?"

How many times have you packed for a trip and KNOW that you can't take your whole makeup collection because the bulk of the compacts prove to be the ultimate challenge to closing your bulging suitcase. Unii helps solve that problem!

Unii is an empty palette that comes in an array of colors (of course mine is MY fav BLUE!) It comes in cute packaging that comes with instructions on the packaging itself on how to depot your favorite eyeshadow or face powder and add to the cute and compact Unii. 

Unii comes with several magnetic strips to cut to size and place on your depotted eyeshadow or other depotted item. You can even label the strips so you'll know what is what! I like living on the edge and didn't place magnets on the bottom of my depotted eyeshadow.

I managed to fit 21 eyeshadow! I had a couple of mishaps depotting which can happen but it's not a big deal because I didn't lose that much. Now you don't have to pack it in there like I have done but it's just an example. This is perfect for a weekend getaway or a vacation and it's durable! Comes with a huge mirror and has a secure snap to make sure your makeup doesn't end up all over your bag, clothes or on the floor. It's $29 and money well spent for a cosmo-nista! If you want one for yourself check out www.uniicosmetics.com.

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