27 April 2010

Carol's Daughter Hair Honey and Pomade Review

I have truly fell in love with Carol's Daughter products. The smell and the shine of their hair products are addictive. If you haven't check it out, you definitely need to try out a few of their products!

Mimosa Hair Honey
I absolutely love this product!!!!! The smell is absolutely breath-taking. You need to try this out and get the wonderful citrus smell flowing all through your hair. Not only does it smell good, it helps fight those frizzy days we all tend to have sometimes. It helps keep some of those unruly hairs in place. This hair honey is also very light and gives an added shine to the hair. In this product, you can find Lavender, Rosemary, Nettles, Red Roses, Sage, Marigold, Red Clover, and more. The product is filled with all types of greatness you enjoy smelling alone. This product is great for natural and relaxed hair. Buy Here

Kizzi "Stay - Put" Hair Pomade
This is another great smelling product by Carol's Daughter. In this product, I can clearly smell the peach and pear fragrances. It's filled with yummy things such as Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Sweet Almond oil, and other great ingredients. This product did a great job holding down hairs that were normally uncontrollable. Buy Here


26 April 2010

Girls With Curls: Kinky Curly

I'm excited to introduce you all to my new series "Girls With Curls"; where I'll be taking you on my personal journey of natural hair & finding products that are customized for girls with curly hair.

( L-R ) Come Clean Shampoo, Knot Today Moisturizing Conditioner, Spiral Spritz, Gloss Pomade & Curling Custard 

I had the opportunity to try out Kinky Curly, which is a natural & organic hair care line for wash & go hair. I actually heard about these products through a friend of my sister. I was excited to give it a try!

Check out my short video below introducing each of their products. 

My apologies for the choppy vid and the aggravating noise in the background. I had to edit some parts out so some of the audio lost sync between my voice & the video. My webcam hates me. * Sigh * and ooooh yeah sorry for all the " ummm's " lol I'm terrible @ speaking on cam. 

What It Claims: To add moisture, give hold, to define & protect your natural curls. 

Likes: I absolutely LOVE the smell of the curling custard & the best part about it, it doesn't wear off! Had my hair smelling lovely through the entire day. The Come Clean Shampoo was also a winner, gave me a squeaky clean feel without drying out my hair. 

Dislikes: I have super oily hair which makes it easier for some products to create a build up on my scalp. Which is what I noticed after using the spiral spritz. Not sure if I applied it incorrectly but it did have the tendency to leave behind a white residue. Not cute! 

Would I Recommend It: Absolutely & I already have!

Overall: I love the shampoo, conditioner and the curling custard. My curls stayed defined, maintained their shine & had a lot of bounce throughout the day! Also no frizzies, which is a huge plus! Since I've been using it I've gotten approached almost every time I go out, with the question of "what products do you use on your hair?" LOL! So IMO Kinky Curly is definitely doing something right.

Products were provided by PR & Media Relations Representatives. Read our disclosure policy here.


21 April 2010

Kera Care Hair Products Review

I recently switched over to KeraCare hair products in hopes for better results for my sometimes dry hair.  I was truly impressed with their products and will definitely continue to use them in the future. Not only do they have a great smell they leave the hair properly moisturized and healthy.  

KeraCare "Oil Sheen with Humidity Block"

 This is one of my favorite products to use on my hair. Not only does it give me a great shine, it never looks too greasy or leave my hair feeling heavy.  This oil sheen helps fight off the humidity (which is horrible down here in New Orleans).  This is a light oil sheen that incorporates Olive Oil, Carrot Oil, Mineral Oil and others.   Test: Recently I was out in a extremely humid day for several hours and no change to my hair thanks to this great product!  You can get this 11oz. of greatness for approx. $11 to $15. (You can try you local beauty supply or Buy Here)

KeraCare "Dry and Itchy Scalp" Moisturizing Shampoo

I tend to have dry hair so this shampoo was a perfect match for me.  Not only does it help keep the hair properly moisturize it helps protect your scalp. In this product, you can find extracts from Rosemary, Pine, Ivy, Lime and more. This product can be used on natural and chemical treated hair.  When washing my hair with this shampoo, I was able to de-tangle my hair with no trouble. You can get this product in the range of $11.99 to $30.00.  (Buy Here)

KeraCare "Humecto Creme Conditioner"

This fabulous conditioner is another added technique to give your hair all the moisture you need especially as the season changes. This Humecto helps prevent breakage while hydrating your hair shaft.   This product is doing a great job to help protect my hair from more breakage. In this product, you can find Marigold, Chamomile, Rosemary, Ivy, and many more other great goodness. You can get this product in the range of $9.00 to $15.00. (Buy Here)


20 April 2010

Teen Glow: Prom Series 2010 | Part 2

As promised, we're back with Part 2 "Prom Edition" of our new Teen Glow Series. If you missed last weeks edition you can catch up here. This weeks looks feature a few long dress options. Check out what Rashida had to say about each dress!

Dress: Tiffany Designs | Burgundy |  $299
Where To Buy: Bravura Prom & Bridal
Her Thoughts: I really loved this one, but the color seemed like something you'd wear in the fall or winter.

Dress: | White  | $475
Where To Buy: Bravura Prom & Bridal
Her Thoughts: This was like a fairy tale dress. To me, this seemed more like a d├ębutante dress or a or something you'd wear to your birthday party. It was pretty heavy and a pain to get in to (It had a corset and everything that you had to lace up).

Dress: La Femme | White | $338
Where To Buy: Brides Atlanta
Her Thoughts: This is my all-time favorite long dress. I loved the black band in the front with the rhinestones.

Dress: | Yellow |
Where To Buy: Brides Atlanta
Her Thoughts: I liked this dress better than I thought I would. At first, the empire waist turned me off, but when I tried it on it grew on me.

Dress: Sequin Hearts Pleated Dress | Teal | $89
Where To Buy: Dillards 
Her Thoughts: I loved the fabric and the color, but something about this dress didn't seem right.

Dress: | Navy  | $109
Where To Buy: Dillards 
Her Thoughts: This dress is cute, but it's not made for my body type. I love the weird shape of it and the color of the fabric.

Dress: | Grape  | $99
Where To Buy: Dillards
Her Thoughts: I hated this dress. I would've kinda liked it had it not been for the ruffles at the top of the dress and the roses.

OK, ladies so remember there are a lot of options out there, no matter the style, size or color, make sure that its something you're comfortable in and absolutely love because this is your special moment!


Teen Glow | Features: Deshandalyn

Grade: 11th (16 years old)
Style:  Hippie Kinda
Favorite color: Blue
Fashion: Fashion is what makes you comfortable.
Future Plans: Pastry Chef!
Thoughts on Makeover. Loved it , especially the blending of the eye shadow colors.
Advice to glow girls: Keep glowing.

Step One: Face Moisturizer by Nica Naturals (Lavendar Mist) ;Urban Decay Eye Primer

Step Two: NYX hot pink on the lower portion of lid.
Step Three: Urban Decay Peace on the middle portion of lid.
Step Four: Urban Decay Graffiti on top portion of lid.
Step Five: Urban Decay Honey all over lid to blend the colors together and add a glow.
Step Six: Urban Decay Ransom in the corner of the lids.


19 April 2010

Makeup Monday: Cargo Cosmetics (Twitter) Giveaway

***Update*** Congratulations to our #glowgirl Twitter Giveaway Winners 

For all you makeup lovers Gimme That Glow is hosting a giveaway today via Twitter, courtesy of Cargo Cosmetics.

Five (5) lucky ladies will receive Cargo's Blu Ray High Definition Mattifier. Retail Value $28 per bottle.
Photo: DermStore

Cargo Blu-Ray High Definition Mattifier: Refine pores, minimize fine lines and mattify for a flawless complexion.

Description: Designed for use during High Definition filming, Blu-Ray High Definition Mattifier perfects the complexion like never before. Vitamins E and A provide antioxidant protection while moisturizing, repairing and conditioning for a smooth, supple finish. Silica diminishes the appearance of enlarged pores while smoothing over fine lines, helping to promote a clear, silky appearance. The lightweight, cream to powder texture leaves skin feeling velvety soft while controlling oil and shine. Blu Ray High Definition Mattifier can be used in lieu of a traditional setting powder, or under makeup as a luxe primer. Oil-free, suitable for all skin types and complimentary to all skin tones.

Have questions or want to learn more about about Cargo's Blu-Ray Mattifier? Please visit their website http://www.cargobluray.com/

RULES: The giveaway rules are simple! Just make sure you're following us via Twitter and look for our contest announcement between 2-3:00 PM ( EST )  We'll send out a tweet and all you'll need to do is ReTweet it for your eligibility to win. Five (5) winners will be chosen randomly. ** CONTEST ENDS PROMPTLY AT 6:00 PM (EST) *** Full contest disclosure here. Post will be updated once winners are announced. 

-Good Luck


17 April 2010

Glow Girl Weekend: Field Trip To Shecky's

I hopped on the Orange Line Metro to D.C. for the Shecky's shopping extravaganza. Held at Constitution Hall, it was the perfect venue for this event. There was more than enough space, check-in was fast and simple. The trek to the free booze and gift bags, well they made you work for it. No sooner than I got my wrist band and my goodie bag ticket, I made a beeline to get some comfortable shoes. My cute sandals didn't seem to want to be just that: cute. The five block walk and my sandals= blister. Yeah. Sucks right? But it gave me an excuse to SHOP!

I didn't get much. There was a ton of stuff that was "Ooo, I want that!" but I put myself on a pre-Shecky's budget before attending the show so I wouldn't get carried away.

Two Pair of Jelly Shoes| XO FAM Boutique | 1/$6 or 2/$10
I was so glad I found these on the way to getting my goodie bag! My poor feet were killing me! (KNEW I should have worn my sneakers...smh) These are perfect to keep in your everyday handbag for those "my poor feet" moments or to prevent them!

Two Pair of Earrings| Friction Jewelry | 1/$15 or 2/$20
They had some great bracelets and earrings...and at a great price. I got a pair of long stem earrings with a crystal and wire mesh ball at the ends. The other earrings are gold tone wings.

Three Nautical Bracelets| La Bella Destino | 3/$25
When I saw these bracelets the blue one's caught my eyes. If you don't already know, blue is my favorite color. Another thing I loved about these bracelets is the weight. They are solid. I think they are ceramic and metal. It has beautiful gold tone rope and knot design which is very nautical. To mix it up I got two blue and one white for variation.

Denim Jumper| Sazzy Boutique | $30
I love this jumper! I haven't worn jumpers since....that long ago! It's so cute and feminine with the ruffles on the sleeves and down the button. The waist has a draw string and the fabric is super light. I can't wait to wear it this summer!

Legacy T-Shirt| One Life One Legacy | $26
What drew me to this was that it supports a philanthropic organization. For every shirt sold, one is donated to a child in need. Each shirt style is named after someone who are real life heroes. The tags offer a brief story about the person. My particular shirt is The Scott Tee. He succumbed to brain cancer but was a rock to his family and friends. I will proudly wear this shirt to support a great organization, honor Scott's legacy and inspire someone else to do the same.

One of the highlights of this Shecky's event was the Budweiser Beer Pairing.

The tasting was succinct and simple. We got to try three crackers each with Gouda, Goat and Brie cheeses as well as Edamame in soy sauce paired with each of the Budweiser beers. The hostess gave us the how they make beer 101 and walked us through the tasting. It was fun and gave you the opportunity to meet other people at your table. The tasting was an half hour long with a new tasting every half hour. Some of the tastings provided a free glass to take home and my tasting did not. (I assume they ran out of glasses).

The goodie bag was filled to the brim of what else? GOODIES!

Guess with all the free booze flowing, they thought it might be a great idea to make sure you had enough Wake Up Call (used for hangovers) 

I grabbed a TON of business cards for things that caught my eye but probably wanted to revisit later (so I wouldn't break my budget either). My budget was $125. I came in just shy of that. So I didn't do bad! WOOP! One of the Glow Girl Glares about this event was the lack of fashion vendors. There were a lot of jewelry vendors, which were the majority, a couple of handbag vendors, some shoes and almost no fashion! *Dwights voice* What's an event without fashions? NOTHIN' I would think that fashion vendors would take advantage of the two day event. Perhaps they don't know about Shecky's which is a shame. Then again maybe it's the city. Every city brings out different vendors. If you've never been, it something that you should go out and experience! I can't wait to see my red carpet photo (not posted yet). I enjoyed myself and think that I'll go to another event but this time wear comfy shoes!


Nail Junkie: CND | Colour & Effects Nail Lacquer

I drool every time I scroll through the CND ( Creative Nail Design ) website! They offer so many possibilities when it comes to nail polish. Aside from the 50 vibrant colors I must say that I'm REALLY in love with the 15 different "Effects" top coats! The effects range from pearls, shimmers, sparkles & more. Whether you're looking for something subtle or dramatic, i'm sure you'll find it there.

Photo: CND
I'm not a huge fan of Red polish so naturally I was a little apprehensive when applying it. But the finish of "Scarlett Letter" came out pretty decent. Very vibrant!

Scarlett Letter

The "Gold Sparkle" effects changed my my mind completely about this color. It truly gave it a different look and added so much glam, definitely my favorite and probably the only way I'd wear the Red.

Scarlett Letter paired with Gold Sparkle

You can purchase on Amazon for about $5.99 per bottle

What It Claims: Rich creamy color that creates endless possibilities.

Likes: I liked the richness & consistency of the nail lacquer a little definitely goes a long way.

Dislikes: Although I love the richness of the "Colour" lacquer it also made it slightly difficult to apply. Also, the removal process left my nails AND fingers with a faint reddish tent, had to use extra remover & soap to get it off completely.

Would I Recommend It: Yes!! Bottom line the color is vibrant, the wear is long lasting and the top coat makes it so much more worth it! I would've loved to have tried a different color but the sparkly effects still sold me! Can't wait to give some of the other effects a try. My only question would be if the Effects work on other brands as well?

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13 April 2010

Teen Glow: Prom Series 2010 | Part 1

Hey Glow Girls! I'm excited to introduce you to a brand new series here at Gimme That Glow. It's been quite a minute since I've been a teenie bopper so I figured the best way to incorporate this series was to do a hands on feature with today's teens from their point of view. I hope you enjoy our Teen Glow series!

Since Prom Season is swiftly approaching, I figured this would be a great way to start off our series. Over the weekend I got to spend the day with my beautiful little cousin Rashida! Who also agreed to be my muse for this post. We went to three different stores around Atlanta to get a feel of the various Prom selections that were out this season. Since Rashida's only fifteen and in the 9th grade, one of our main agendas was selecting dresses that are age appropriate. Check out a few of our "short dress" prom picks and her thoughts below.

Photo inside Brides Atlanta

Left to Right

Dress: Sherri Hill | Black & Fuchsia | $300
Where To Buy: Bravura Prom & Bridal
Her Thoughts: I really liked this one. It was pretty comfortable to wear and I loved the black and pink together. My only problem, though, was the size of the bow

Dress: Mori Lee | Orange | $298
Where To Buy: Bravura Prom & Bridal
Her Thoughts: I really fell in love with this dress too, but I'm only fifteen so I'll have to save that for next year

Left to Right

Dress: Jovani | Multi | $460
Where To Buy: Bravura Prom & Bridal
Her Thoughts: My favorite thing about this dress was the way the two colors looked together. I also liked the length of the hem.

Dress: Phoebe Couture | Turquoise | $290
Where To Buy: Neiman Marcus 
Her Thoughts: The ruffles at the top of this dress really made it stand out to me. Blue is my favorite color so it was a favorite of mine.

Left to Right

Dress: Jovani | Aqua | $370
Where To Buy: Bravura Prom & Bridal
Her Thoughts: I didn't really like the shade of blue on my skin color. I think it would've been nicer in green or some other color.

Dress: Adian Mattox ( Niteline ) | CUR | $190
Where To Buy: Bravura Prom & Bridal
Her Thoughts: To me, this one was a little bit more sophisticated than the other ones. I wouldn't really wear this to prom, but to something like a wedding or a really nice dinner.

Left to Right

Dress: Sherri Hill | Black & White |  $330
Where To Buy: Bravura Prom & Bridal
Her Thoughts: Out of all the dresses, this black one was my favorite. Its looked great, and was more comfortable than I expected. I could see myself wearing this dress to more than just prom and other dances. It was fun to try on and I really liked it.

Dress: Sherri Hill | Blue & Gold | $350
Where To Buy: Brides Atlanta
Her Thoughts: I loved the pattern, but I still didn't like this dress on my skin color. The design at the top was my favorite part. I loved the way it looked and the bow at the side just made it look even better.

Left to Right

Dress: Jessica McClintock | Blue | $149
Where To Buy: Dillards 
Her Thoughts: I didn't really like this dress as much as the other ones. I loved the flower at the bottom, but I didn't care for the length of the dress.

Dress: | Off White/Silver |  $79 
Where To Buy: Dillards
Her Thoughts: This white dress was another favorite. I loved the way it looked and could see myself wearing it to more than prom. 

Dress: Ruby Rox Strapless Pocket Dress  | Grey/Black  |  $79
Where To Buy: Dillards
Her Thoughts: This one is my third favorite. I loved the pockets and the sequins, and I also loved the way the fabric came down at the top.

Stay tuned for next weeks edition which features our "long dress" picks!


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