09 April 2010

Glow Girl Weekend: Bright and Bold Beauty Picks

Happy Friday! Bright and pretty colors are upon us this upcoming season! As a fan of DKNY, I love the new:

Jelly Watches | $85 (Dillards)

I'd definitely go for the Turquoise and Clear Bracelet! Perfect for this summer! Comes in 8 bright and fun colors.

As we continue our bright color trend the:

Water Bobble | $9.95 (http://www.waterbobble.com/)

Water bottles are becoming more and more of a fashion accessory making function even more appealing. Why not dress it up with bright and fun colors? Not only is this water bottle sleek and cute, it comes in 6 colors, made from recycled PET (and IS 100% recyclable itself!) and BPA-free! The replacement filters are $6.95 and come in the corresponding colors so you'll always have the matching filter color for your bottle! Filters last up to 2 months (equal to $.11 a DAY! Waaaaay cheaper than purchasing water!) and they even have a reminder go out to you to change your filter. HOW COOL IS THAT?! This is far cheaper than purchasing bottled water-meaning you'll have less waste.

Smell great, give back to the community!

Hanae Mori 'N° 1' Eau de Toilette (Limited Edition) | $95/3.4oz (Nordstrom)

Approximately 30% of the total power needed to create N° 1 was from renewable sources. Talk about efficient! Hanae Mori will donate a portion of the proceeds from U.S. sales of N° 1 to Clean Air/Cool Planet, which works to solve global warming through civic engagement, education and effective policy.
Giving back is always GLOW APPROVED!

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