17 April 2010

Glow Girl Weekend: Field Trip To Shecky's

I hopped on the Orange Line Metro to D.C. for the Shecky's shopping extravaganza. Held at Constitution Hall, it was the perfect venue for this event. There was more than enough space, check-in was fast and simple. The trek to the free booze and gift bags, well they made you work for it. No sooner than I got my wrist band and my goodie bag ticket, I made a beeline to get some comfortable shoes. My cute sandals didn't seem to want to be just that: cute. The five block walk and my sandals= blister. Yeah. Sucks right? But it gave me an excuse to SHOP!

I didn't get much. There was a ton of stuff that was "Ooo, I want that!" but I put myself on a pre-Shecky's budget before attending the show so I wouldn't get carried away.

Two Pair of Jelly Shoes| XO FAM Boutique | 1/$6 or 2/$10
I was so glad I found these on the way to getting my goodie bag! My poor feet were killing me! (KNEW I should have worn my sneakers...smh) These are perfect to keep in your everyday handbag for those "my poor feet" moments or to prevent them!

Two Pair of Earrings| Friction Jewelry | 1/$15 or 2/$20
They had some great bracelets and earrings...and at a great price. I got a pair of long stem earrings with a crystal and wire mesh ball at the ends. The other earrings are gold tone wings.

Three Nautical Bracelets| La Bella Destino | 3/$25
When I saw these bracelets the blue one's caught my eyes. If you don't already know, blue is my favorite color. Another thing I loved about these bracelets is the weight. They are solid. I think they are ceramic and metal. It has beautiful gold tone rope and knot design which is very nautical. To mix it up I got two blue and one white for variation.

Denim Jumper| Sazzy Boutique | $30
I love this jumper! I haven't worn jumpers since....that long ago! It's so cute and feminine with the ruffles on the sleeves and down the button. The waist has a draw string and the fabric is super light. I can't wait to wear it this summer!

Legacy T-Shirt| One Life One Legacy | $26
What drew me to this was that it supports a philanthropic organization. For every shirt sold, one is donated to a child in need. Each shirt style is named after someone who are real life heroes. The tags offer a brief story about the person. My particular shirt is The Scott Tee. He succumbed to brain cancer but was a rock to his family and friends. I will proudly wear this shirt to support a great organization, honor Scott's legacy and inspire someone else to do the same.

One of the highlights of this Shecky's event was the Budweiser Beer Pairing.

The tasting was succinct and simple. We got to try three crackers each with Gouda, Goat and Brie cheeses as well as Edamame in soy sauce paired with each of the Budweiser beers. The hostess gave us the how they make beer 101 and walked us through the tasting. It was fun and gave you the opportunity to meet other people at your table. The tasting was an half hour long with a new tasting every half hour. Some of the tastings provided a free glass to take home and my tasting did not. (I assume they ran out of glasses).

The goodie bag was filled to the brim of what else? GOODIES!

Guess with all the free booze flowing, they thought it might be a great idea to make sure you had enough Wake Up Call (used for hangovers) 

I grabbed a TON of business cards for things that caught my eye but probably wanted to revisit later (so I wouldn't break my budget either). My budget was $125. I came in just shy of that. So I didn't do bad! WOOP! One of the Glow Girl Glares about this event was the lack of fashion vendors. There were a lot of jewelry vendors, which were the majority, a couple of handbag vendors, some shoes and almost no fashion! *Dwights voice* What's an event without fashions? NOTHIN' I would think that fashion vendors would take advantage of the two day event. Perhaps they don't know about Shecky's which is a shame. Then again maybe it's the city. Every city brings out different vendors. If you've never been, it something that you should go out and experience! I can't wait to see my red carpet photo (not posted yet). I enjoyed myself and think that I'll go to another event but this time wear comfy shoes!


  1. Ohhh, Nice! LMAO @ all the wakeup call pills!!! As far as the fashion I think you're right, it depends on the city. The one I went to here had mostly clothes & bags. ( over priced too ) i was kinda disappointed in ours but the drinks made up for it times TWO!!!!

    Looks like they gave y'all better stuff too! We got a lot of chocolate & tampons :-/

  2. man I wish I could go to an event like this, seems cool though.


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