21 April 2010

Kera Care Hair Products Review

I recently switched over to KeraCare hair products in hopes for better results for my sometimes dry hair.  I was truly impressed with their products and will definitely continue to use them in the future. Not only do they have a great smell they leave the hair properly moisturized and healthy.  

KeraCare "Oil Sheen with Humidity Block"

 This is one of my favorite products to use on my hair. Not only does it give me a great shine, it never looks too greasy or leave my hair feeling heavy.  This oil sheen helps fight off the humidity (which is horrible down here in New Orleans).  This is a light oil sheen that incorporates Olive Oil, Carrot Oil, Mineral Oil and others.   Test: Recently I was out in a extremely humid day for several hours and no change to my hair thanks to this great product!  You can get this 11oz. of greatness for approx. $11 to $15. (You can try you local beauty supply or Buy Here)

KeraCare "Dry and Itchy Scalp" Moisturizing Shampoo

I tend to have dry hair so this shampoo was a perfect match for me.  Not only does it help keep the hair properly moisturize it helps protect your scalp. In this product, you can find extracts from Rosemary, Pine, Ivy, Lime and more. This product can be used on natural and chemical treated hair.  When washing my hair with this shampoo, I was able to de-tangle my hair with no trouble. You can get this product in the range of $11.99 to $30.00.  (Buy Here)

KeraCare "Humecto Creme Conditioner"

This fabulous conditioner is another added technique to give your hair all the moisture you need especially as the season changes. This Humecto helps prevent breakage while hydrating your hair shaft.   This product is doing a great job to help protect my hair from more breakage. In this product, you can find Marigold, Chamomile, Rosemary, Ivy, and many more other great goodness. You can get this product in the range of $9.00 to $15.00. (Buy Here)


  1. I love Kera Care!!! Especially the Dry and Itchy Scalp Shampoo because it tingles!!! My only problem, their a little too expensive!!

  2. the humidity block sounds like a good product for the upcoming summer!

  3. Yea the humidity blocker is the greatness.

    I agree Odara they are a tad bit expensive, but me and products is always a struggle.


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