20 April 2010

Teen Glow | Features: Deshandalyn

Grade: 11th (16 years old)
Style:  Hippie Kinda
Favorite color: Blue
Fashion: Fashion is what makes you comfortable.
Future Plans: Pastry Chef!
Thoughts on Makeover. Loved it , especially the blending of the eye shadow colors.
Advice to glow girls: Keep glowing.

Step One: Face Moisturizer by Nica Naturals (Lavendar Mist) ;Urban Decay Eye Primer

Step Two: NYX hot pink on the lower portion of lid.
Step Three: Urban Decay Peace on the middle portion of lid.
Step Four: Urban Decay Graffiti on top portion of lid.
Step Five: Urban Decay Honey all over lid to blend the colors together and add a glow.
Step Six: Urban Decay Ransom in the corner of the lids.


  1. I love my cousin she is awesome... and Yes Odara she even beats she beats me out in the headband department!!! This is my teen counterpart lol.

  2. lol... I really think the eye shadow and the making of the face goes well with her skin tone..pure awsomeness

  3. Absolutely Adorable!!! Love her style & outfit choice too!!


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