13 April 2010

Teen Glow: Prom Series 2010 | Part 1

Hey Glow Girls! I'm excited to introduce you to a brand new series here at Gimme That Glow. It's been quite a minute since I've been a teenie bopper so I figured the best way to incorporate this series was to do a hands on feature with today's teens from their point of view. I hope you enjoy our Teen Glow series!

Since Prom Season is swiftly approaching, I figured this would be a great way to start off our series. Over the weekend I got to spend the day with my beautiful little cousin Rashida! Who also agreed to be my muse for this post. We went to three different stores around Atlanta to get a feel of the various Prom selections that were out this season. Since Rashida's only fifteen and in the 9th grade, one of our main agendas was selecting dresses that are age appropriate. Check out a few of our "short dress" prom picks and her thoughts below.

Photo inside Brides Atlanta

Left to Right

Dress: Sherri Hill | Black & Fuchsia | $300
Where To Buy: Bravura Prom & Bridal
Her Thoughts: I really liked this one. It was pretty comfortable to wear and I loved the black and pink together. My only problem, though, was the size of the bow

Dress: Mori Lee | Orange | $298
Where To Buy: Bravura Prom & Bridal
Her Thoughts: I really fell in love with this dress too, but I'm only fifteen so I'll have to save that for next year

Left to Right

Dress: Jovani | Multi | $460
Where To Buy: Bravura Prom & Bridal
Her Thoughts: My favorite thing about this dress was the way the two colors looked together. I also liked the length of the hem.

Dress: Phoebe Couture | Turquoise | $290
Where To Buy: Neiman Marcus 
Her Thoughts: The ruffles at the top of this dress really made it stand out to me. Blue is my favorite color so it was a favorite of mine.

Left to Right

Dress: Jovani | Aqua | $370
Where To Buy: Bravura Prom & Bridal
Her Thoughts: I didn't really like the shade of blue on my skin color. I think it would've been nicer in green or some other color.

Dress: Adian Mattox ( Niteline ) | CUR | $190
Where To Buy: Bravura Prom & Bridal
Her Thoughts: To me, this one was a little bit more sophisticated than the other ones. I wouldn't really wear this to prom, but to something like a wedding or a really nice dinner.

Left to Right

Dress: Sherri Hill | Black & White |  $330
Where To Buy: Bravura Prom & Bridal
Her Thoughts: Out of all the dresses, this black one was my favorite. Its looked great, and was more comfortable than I expected. I could see myself wearing this dress to more than just prom and other dances. It was fun to try on and I really liked it.

Dress: Sherri Hill | Blue & Gold | $350
Where To Buy: Brides Atlanta
Her Thoughts: I loved the pattern, but I still didn't like this dress on my skin color. The design at the top was my favorite part. I loved the way it looked and the bow at the side just made it look even better.

Left to Right

Dress: Jessica McClintock | Blue | $149
Where To Buy: Dillards 
Her Thoughts: I didn't really like this dress as much as the other ones. I loved the flower at the bottom, but I didn't care for the length of the dress.

Dress: | Off White/Silver |  $79 
Where To Buy: Dillards
Her Thoughts: This white dress was another favorite. I loved the way it looked and could see myself wearing it to more than prom. 

Dress: Ruby Rox Strapless Pocket Dress  | Grey/Black  |  $79
Where To Buy: Dillards
Her Thoughts: This one is my third favorite. I loved the pockets and the sequins, and I also loved the way the fabric came down at the top.

Stay tuned for next weeks edition which features our "long dress" picks!


  1. Love the Jovani Multi! It's so different! I remember shopping for my prom dress (about a thousand years ago) I still have it! Was a mark down! $200 and got it for $34! Maybe I'll share my memorable evening way back when....*sniffle* LOL

  2. Prom is expensive! She looks so pretty in everything! Tell her to always keep in mind the tailoring! So even if it may not "fit" perfect when she tries ot on she can always get it taken in to fit her shape!

    I hope if you do her makeup you will use the proper brushes!!!! :)

  3. I like the Mori Lee Orange dress. very very cute.


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