07 May 2010

Nail Junkie: NYX Girls | My Sunshine x Algae

Who knew NYX made nail polish ??? Definitely not me until I stumbled across it via my local beauty supply store. Being that I'm already a HUGE fan of NYX Cosmetics I didn't waste any time finding a few colors that sparked my interest. Wait, it gets better! Not only did they have a HUGE selection of colors but they all were priced at .99 cent!!!

With spring in full effect, of course I wanted to aim for something vibrant and the first thing that caught my eye was this yellow/orange hue, fittingly named "My Sunshine".

This color really popped! You could spot it from a mile away. 

Next up was "Algae", kinda in the blue/green family. Let me tell you, my camera is OVERLY exaggerating this color entirely! I really hated the way it looked on me and it was no where near as bright as it seems in these photos.  And with a name like "Algae" I don't even know why I'm surprised LOL ( isn't that like mold?!!! )

No. Seriously, this is hella an inaccurate depiction of this color...

Taken outside no flash

Likes: I loved how rich the colors are, a little definitely goes a long way.

Dislikes: Although rich in color, its easy to mess up if not applied carefully. Its really thick which also leads to difficult application.

Would I Recommend It: Sure would!!! Well, you know except that Algae color lol.

Overall: I honestly think its decent quality especially being so inexpensive. It lasted a good while without chipping or looking dull. You can buy them here.

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