30 June 2010

Going Green With Your Makeup

     Lately, I've tired to do my part and go green as much as possible.  Little steps to help protect our eviornment and our health as well. Along with this, I came across a whole new world that has become more popular, going green with makeup.  There are many products on the market now that are eco friendly and free of all types of harmful chemicals, as well as animal cruelty . On the market now, you can find organic foundation, concealer, eyeliner, blush, lipstick, and more.  I have a few tips to help us all take small steps to safer products.

  • *This one we all probably know and do right now... Avoid products with animal testing. Try Urban Decay Vegan Products Check it Out
  • *Try to switch over to as many natural/organic products as you can. 
  • *Go for products with recyclable material and packaging, which is becoming increasingly more popular each day with companies.
  • *Try out mineral makeups. Mineral is definitely not for everyone so you have to be careful.
  • *Read the labels on products before purchasing. The labels can tell you most things you need to know that can be irritations for your body as well as all the chemicals that may be used in those specific products. Make sure to research before purchasing.

Products To Check Out~


28 June 2010

STREEEETCH Those Natural Curls Girls!

Now that I'm past the one year mark of having natural tresses, I crave to do something different with my hair. We all get that itch- we want to color, cut, straighten, etc just to do something different. So after due diligence, research and more research I decided on what I was going to do.

My hair has a very tight curl pattern and is a 4B/C. The only way I can even show length is by blow drying followed by flatiron. Then when I wash it, it shrinks up. When I first started on my au naturale journey, I used to co-wash every other day and try different products until I found a routine that best suited my hair. Now I wash my hair and condition once a week, deep condition every two weeks and try not to comb or brush my hair to keep breakage to a minimum. During the week to get ready for work I'll apply either coconut oil, Jessie Curls ringlet potion or some other product and spray leave in conditioner. What I began to find over time is like many others who have natural hair, we often suffer from those dreaded "single strand knots." Knotting occurs when the curls intertwine and small knots form at the ends of your hair. You have to trim the ends to keep breakage from occurring. Since my curl pattern is tight, knotting has become a nuisance.

Can you imagine a head full of these little things? Yikes!

Often time as women of color we think we can't use what we consider "white" hair care products. While some products are just not suited for our hair type, for the most part we can use those products with minor adjustment. There has been a lot of curiosity about "curly" perms-especially those with natural hair. Many with natural hair have at one point or another has given it some thought. I have. This is what I found:

1. For my hair and type, which is coarse and has a tight "s" and "z" curl pattern, Alkaline perms are best for my hair. (Note "perm" will always refer to "curly" perm and not relaxer which straightens the hair)
2. The only reason why I seek to do a "curly" perm is to achieve a well defined curl pattern.

Now some may argue any chemical used to change or alter the state of your hair negates the term of "natural." For some that may be true and for others it's an alternative to find a way to create and style your natural hair in a way you cannot achieve otherwise. After searching Google and reading forums and product details, I found something that peaked my interest. It's called One 'n Only Curl Remover (Sally Beauty, $8.49)

I used the one for resistant hair. Don't let the box deceive you- it only has two things: Step 1, the curl remover and Step 2, the neutralizer. That's it. The curl remover comes in a small jar- much smaller than I had grown accustomed to when I was relaxing my hair and I was afraid it wouldn't be enough...fooled me...it was! It has a much looser consistency than a hair relaxer and much thinner. Some things to note before you decide to try this:

1. You cannot use this and apply permanent color the same day. You must wait one to two weeks.
2. If you are transitioning- meaning you have decided to grow out your natural hair and have not cut off your relaxed ends- you cannot use this. You must cut off your relaxed ends first. This is best suited for those who have already done the big chop (cut relaxed ends) and have been growing their hair out for sometime. Additionally, if you have relaxed hair- you cannot use this.
3. If you Henna your hair regularly, you cannot use this product. If it has been several months (at least 3 or more) since you last used Henna in your hair, you may use this.
4. If you co-wash or wash your hair on a daily basis, you are encouraged not to wash your hair for at least 48 hours after application.
5. Make sure your hair is in good condition before using this to lessen the chances of breakage and/or damage to your hair. Be gentle to your hair and condition regularly before using this product. Cut split ends or knots prior to application.
6. If you bleach, tint or highlight your hair make sure you get the one marked as such and read the warnings and directions before purchase and use.

Strange as this sounds, you wash your hair first. So I washed and conditioned my hair. This next step is crucial to getting good results. When drying your hair- the most important thing is not to "scrub" your hair with the towel. This can cause tangles, knotting and split ends. Simply wrap the towel around your hair, twist the long end and tighten it for about one minute. The key is to keep your hair wet but not completely dripping and not just damp. Your hair is in it's most vulnerable state when it's wet. You then apply the curl remover in the same manner as a hair relaxer except instructions state to apply 1 inch from roots using a relaxer brush and I wore gloves which is not provided in the kit (in my case I cheated just a little and did it within 1/2 inch of my roots-it's my hair after all). Then I scooped up small amounts and smoothed my hair in a downward motion to the ends until all the hair was saturated. The directions stated to use a comb to smooth the hair down and in my opinion I recommend you do not do that. Reason being, 1. it can cause breakage, 2. you may stretch you hair too much, 3. if your hair is thick and coarse- it's just not a good idea in any case. Instead, I hand stretched (gently of course) my hair. Within a matter of minutes my curls loosen significantly. I was a little scared it was relaxing my hair because my curls loosened so much!

After about fifteen minutes, I washed the curl remover out using just water then washed using the neutralizer. When washing out make sure you wash your hair in one direction to keep your hair from tangling. When I had less than half of the neutralizer left, I used hair conditioner along with the neutralizer and adjusted the water to cool from warm. Then I co-washed my hair with more conditioner still using cool water leaving a small amount left in my hair. I rang out my hair and shook it out and allowed it to air dry after applying a quick spritz of Aphogee Leave-In Conditioner. As my hair started to dry, my curls shrank just a little. What amazed me the most was that my hair now had length I couldn't achieve without blowing out and flat ironing my hair (which is very temporary) but I still have CURLS! Directions state to not braid, pull, use clips, barrettes, combs, excessive stress, washing/wetting and brushes for the first 48 hours following application. Look at my results!

After curl remover application

I LOVE the way my hair came out! And I don't feel like I've slighted my "natural" status in the least. The perm kit I purchased, I set aside because I was so happy with how my hair turned out. Now if you really want to make this interesting (it requires a little bit of work) straw (yes, using actual drinking straws!) set your hair prior to application (2-3 days before) and follow the directions that I mention above. When your hair is curly and then washed it gets even curlier but you have the added advantage of having curls that are more uniformed giving you better results when you apply the curl remover.

I still may plan to curly perm my hair, when I don't know. But when I do I'll be sure to give you the lowdown to help you decide whether or not you'd want to try it as well! Feel free to ask questions in the comments as I'll be happy to answer them!


23 June 2010

5 Minute Fotd!

Hey Glow Girls,
Today I had limited time to get ready. So i threw on a splash of color and was out the door.

Statuesque Intense Black – Lancôme
Fashion Forward Metallic Eye shadow - Lancôme
Pink-a-boo- Makeup forever


Make Yourself Glow

Many times us ladies don't take the time we should for ourselves. Our busy schedules leave less time to focus on us (let alone just remember us). Lately, many young women I've come across are experiencing extreme amounts of stress and in some cases leading to medical problems. I don't want to see this happen to anymore beautiful women. You are all special and deserve a moment to breath without having to deal with the weight of the world.

This month, I challenge you all to do something to make yourself glow. Sometimes its a good idea to take time and just breathe and get to know you. We can't help or be there for anyone if you are somewhere stressed out or even worst, sick. So ladies even if its a few minutes take some time for you. Here are a few tips for some glow time.

*Schedule a massage.... Nothing like a good massage to get de-stressed...
*Take a walk in the park.Walking and getting some air and just taking time to breathe is a great way to clear your mind and even help you focus.
*Dance. There is nothing like mindless dancing to cure all the worries. Note: Make sure at some point you are dance in the mirror, it must be done.
*Read a book. Not a book on new business principles but something fun that can help you escape for a moment.
*Sleep. Just take time and just sleep, I'm sure we all are lacking some truly needed sleep from our busy schedules.

*Listen to music and sing! Put on one of your favorite albums and just sing your heart out until you just
can't take it anymore!
*Volunteer. I know it may sound like you just adding more on, but doing small projects helps you get your mind off what's going on in your world and see the bigger picture.
*Give yourself a homemade facial! Check Out Face Vacation
*Do some yoga! It's truly relaxing, take a class at a local center... If you're brave try Power Yoga.
*Create some type of personal blog/journal. Sometimes writing is a great way to release everything on the     mind and help put things into perspective.
*Watch a silly movie. Find a cheesy comedy and laugh until you cry.
*Take a drive. For many driving has a way or clearing you head. (This one could cost you though!)
*Shopping or at least window shopping. If you are into shopping, go try some cute clothes on and if you can buy you something, preferably on sale.
*Pick up a hobby. Something you can do every week is a great way to relax and get your mind off things. *Craft projects and gardening are the best things ever!! (at least to me)

Let us know what are some things you do to relax or will try in the future!


16 June 2010

The Summer of Skirts Look

 I'm just going to call this the summer of skirts. Yes, we all love the great summer dresses, but don't forget about the skirts ladies. Lately, they are making beyond cute printed skirts that are great for wear anytime of the day. Check out some of your local stores and see what's going on. The best thing about skirts is the ability to pair it with all types of tops. Take some time and create your unique look with the help of a skirt.

The look I created is a little black and white combo for a late afternoon outing.

Sunglasses by Miu Miu
I first paired the outfit with a nice pair of sunglasses by Miu Miu. They are big and sexy. I'm a big fan of huge glasses, never underestimate them ladies.

Clutch by Ayayo

Of course I had to add one of my favorite accessories ever, a bag. I think a cute clutch is the perfect addition to any outfit for the evening. Try to go for a color/pattern thats a little different from your outfit. It helps brings everything out a little more.

Cardigan by Baba Jaga
Yes, I know its summer, but this sheer little cardigan is soooo sexy especially for those summer breezy nights. It's  great for those ladies who don't like to show off their arms as much.

Tank top by 5Preview

This summer is a great time to stock up on tank tops with different prints that represent you. They will keep you with a nice little breeze while looking uber cool. Check out some of your local stores for cool tees for low prices. If you have a Forever 21 in the area, you need to be in there soon!

Skirt by Hugo Boss

I absolutely love this straight stripped skirt. Its truly sexy and very appropriate for the evening. When picking out a skirt, make sure you find a shirt with the right proportions to accommodate the style of skirt you choose.

Heels by Rules by Mary
Whatever you do ladies choose your shoe wisely. Don't be scared to try out something new and even crazy. Everything doesn't have to match, pairing different colors with your outfits can make your outfit pop. I chose a nice red heeled sandal that was just perfect for this look. I'm a big fan of red heels when wearing black, it definitely brings the outfit out. 

Check out some looks online :
Forever21  (Even a cute Plus line called Faith21 for extended sizes that is fab!)
Urban Outfitters
Alloy ( Cute skirts!!!)

11 June 2010

Girls With Curls: Blended Beauty

Hey all :-) I want to welcome you back to our new series " Girls With Curls"; my journey in helping you find great products for naturally curly hair!

In this edition I want to introduce you all to Blended Beauty which is a hair care line specifically designed for those with wavy, curly and kinky hair. Their products are also formulated with 99% natural ingredients. I got the opportunity to try out the "Curly Frizz Pudding" and the "Curl Styling Lotion".

Curly Frizz Pudding

I started off by washing my hair with Pantene's Relaxed & Natural shampoo & conditioner. Next, I detangled my hair then applied the Curly Frizz Pudding with my hair separated into four sections.

Curl Styling Lotion

Since both products are made to leave in, I followed using the Curl Styling Lotion. I applied it with my fingers from roots to ends and making sure it was evenly distributed.

Here's a pic of my hair semi dry/damp after using both products. 

I allowed my hair to dry naturally. A few hours later, these are my final results. 

Overall Review

Glow: I absolutely LOVE the smell of the Curly Frizz Pudding. The scent is addictive, kinda reminds me of almond oil. Both products left my hair feeling incredibly soft, and bouncy! I loved the fact that I could actually comb through my curls once it came time to detangle & rewash. The following day I wet my hair w/o washing and reapplied both products and the results were consistent!

Glare: The products sorta gave me the same results as I would've gotten using a basic leave in conditioner. So in my opinion there was no real "wow" factor other than the fact that it left my hair soft. Also, I did notice a minimal amount of frizz towards the end of the day.

Would I Recommend It: I would, but I'd also recommend just trying out one or the other. I honestly don't think there's a need for both because they pretty much delivered the same results.

Overall Glam: I was satisfied with the results and how my hair stayed fluffy & full looking throughout the day. Blended Beauty is definitely something one could use on a regular basis, solely because it was light and wasn't harsh on my hair at all. Whereas I've seen other products that are sticky, dry your hair out or leave behind a residue. Be sure to check out Blended Beauty's website, they have an array of products! Both products retail for $19, you can buy them here.

Products in this post were provided for review. Read our disclosure policy here.


Gimme That Glow: Cliche Cosmetics Winner Announcement!!!

Congratulations to our ( 5 )  Cliche Cosmetics giveaway winners! 




Maura A. 

Lipton Tee

Each of you will receive the Limited Edition Primetime Eyeshadow Primer in (Dark). I have emailed all of you for details. Thank you to all who participated, we appreciate our followers and readers! Giveaways are our way of saying THANK YOU. Check back soon for more!

Special thanks to Jessica from Cliche Cosmetics. 


09 June 2010

Glasses and Makeup: The Perfect Combo

 As one of the lovely ladies who wear contacts and glasses, I know how hard it can be to pull off a sexy makeup look. Either certain things just won't work with your eyes or your glasses just blocking all the effects. Although it can be difficult at times there are many tips to help create sexy looks even when wearing your specs.

  • One thing you need to know before picking eyeshadows... Are you nearsighted or farsighted?  This is because nearsighted makes your eyes look smaller, while farsighted gives the opposite affect, this can determine which colors will work the best to make your eyes pop.

  • Try out brighter colors if you are of the daring persuasion. Its something a little different and will definitely be noticed. Experiment with the colors that are a little brighter, your cream based shadows will give you the most effect you are looking for, when your eyes appear smaller.

  • For those ladies with bigger eyes in glasses, you may want to try out more browns and golds .

  • Don't go overboard with mascara, go for one coat if you must. You don't want to make a mistake and have your lashes touching your glasses....BIG DISASTER

  • If you're like me and have a astigmatism you can be a littler bolder in your shadows. Try shades that match your complexion.

  • Try to stick to neutral and lighter colors, darker colors normally don't work so well with the glasses, such as black.

  • If you have black framed glasses, keep things neutral. The black is already calling a lot of attention and too much color could be overwhelming.

  • Use a good concealer, usually with glasses if you tend to get under eye marks and circles it will become more noticeable with your glasses.

  • Just be careful ladies because with glasses the effect will be magnified.

 Don't forget glasses are sexy all alone... You don't need makeup to look great in your specs. If you are just of the makeup loving group ( like I know you are) TRY THINGS OUT. There is no perfect formula for ladies with glasses, just don't be scared to play around and find looks that work great for you, without harming your eyes.


07 June 2010

Cliche Cosmetics | Primetime Shadow Primer ( Dark ) Review & GIVEAWAY

I don't know how familiar you all are with Cliche Cosmetics but I want to introduce you to their popular Primetime Eyeshadow Primer. I actually got the opportunity to try & review their Limited Edition version of the Primer in Dark, which is customized for those with darker complexions.

Primetime is one of Cliche Cosmetics best sellers, so naturally I was anxious to see what all the hype was about! 

One of the first things I noticed and admired about the primer, is that its texture is really smooth & creamy. 

So of course its not exactly my complexion but I didn't expect it to be, because its a primer NOT foundation lol.

In the photo below I did two swatches so you can get a feel of what the eyeshadow looks like with & without the primer. There's only a minimal difference but the color did seem slightly more vibrant without it. However, someone with oily skin like myself, I know that wearing eyeshadow without a primer/base typically results in not having any makeup left on my eyes by the end of the day. So for me, a primer is a NECESSITY! The color still popped once I applied it to my eyes with primetime.

Glow: The texture is really creamy & rich. It stayed smooth which allowed for easy blending. Also I didn't notice any creasing throughout the day which is a huge plus!

Glare: I did notice that I was applying slightly more eyeshadow on top of the primer, to really achieve the shade I wanted. So I'd suggest only using a thin coat because a little goes a long way.

Would I Recommend It: Absolutely! Especially for those of you with oily skin. You won't have to worry about reapplying your eyeshadow throughout the day.

Overall Glam: I like it! By the end of the day my shadow was just as vibrant as it was when I put it on. Be sure to visit Cliche Cosmetics for more fab products.


Cliche Cosmetics wants to send 5 lucky ladies their very own  LIMITED EDITION Primetime (Dark) Primer. 

The Rules

The rules are simple, just follow our site via one ( or all, your choice ) of the following options.

Fan us via Facebook

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Finally, just leave us a comment in this post telling us which method you followed us with and a valid email address so we can contact the winners. Contest begins Monday, June 7th 2010 and ends 11:59 pm (Eastern) Thursday, June 10th 2010. The 5 winners will be randomly selected and announced on Friday June 11th 2010. Open to US residents only. (full contest disclosure here) Good Luck!

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04 June 2010

Bdellium Tools Review

Every glow girl needs a fabulous set of makeup brushes, and I'll be the first to admit that finding the "perfect" tools isn't always the easiest of tasks.

I was recently introduced to Bdellium tools which are professional makeup brushes formulated with anti-bacterial technology. Right off the bat my first thoughts were " how awesome is that! " seriously, this was my first time running across brushes whose bristles are made with anti-bacterial protection. "The anti-bacterial protective coating creates a built-in guard against mold, fungus and bacteria that can gather on brushes." I received the Bdellium Tools Basic Essentials 7 piece brush set from their Studio Line.


Blusher Brush | #964S

This brush is designed for blushes, loose & pressed powder. It's large and the bristles are incredibly soft. What I loved most about this brush is the amount of control it gave me during application, it had a light feel but still allowed for even coverage.

Foundation Brush | #948S

Of all the brushes, this 3 toned foundation brush is definitely my favorite. It's made for liquid or cream foundations. I found it to work really good with my liquid foundation, It went on light but the brush itself still had a nice weight to it and was comfortable to hold.

Slanted Contour Brush | #942S

The Contour brush is perfect for highlighting and adding definition along the curves of your face. Its long bristles helped me obtain a more natural look when applying blush.

Tapered Blending Brush | #785S

This Tapered brush is ideal for blending eyeshadow's and creating an airbrushed effect. It did a really good job in effortlessly creating the look I was going for. It can also be used as a concealer brush, but I have yet to try that.

Shadow Brush | #777S 

I really loved  the Shadow brush because its so versatile and has very few limitations when it comes to applying eyeshadow. I was literally able to use this brush for almost every part of my eye including the creases! Which is really a good look for me b/c I normally apply shadow to my creases with my fingertips.. lol (don't judge me ) :o)

Small Angle Brush | #763S

The small Angle brush is really ideal for creating bold & defining lines. I prefer to use it with an eyeliner or shadow to line right above my top lashline. The angle really made it easy to create a straight & even line by simply dragging it across. 

Precision Liner | #540S

Let me just say that I prefer brushes verses those spongy wands that usually come with lipglosses etc. The Precision liner is a necessity for lipsticks & lip liners because it gives you even coverage and allows you to quickly retouch mishaps & mistakes!

Overall Review:

Glow: I absolutely loved the shape and feel of each brush. The bristles are unbelievably soft, honestly probably the softest I've ever felt on a brush!

Glare: No complaints, they've done very well!

Would I Recommend It: Absolutely would! You can purchase the 7 piece set, just like mine via Amazon for only $39.12.

Overall Glam: While I'm not exactly sure whether or not I'll actually see noticeable benefits from the "anti-bacterial" features, one things for sure is that these are some great high quality brushes and definitely worth purchasing, not to mention also affordable! Be sure to check out Bdellium Tools for more information & their extensive collection of brushes!

Products in this post were provided for review. Read our disclosure policy here


02 June 2010

Makeup Shelf Life

We all have some makeup we found that we no longer know if it’s any good or used the same foundation for awhile and even had nail polish sitting in our room for decades. It's now time to keep up with the shelf life of your makeup. We definitely don't want to see our glow girls putting anything that’s harmful (bacteria and infections) to them on your beautiful faces, hands and toes.  Here is a little guide to help you keep up with your products.

First off, there are a few obvious signs that you know it’s probably time to throw your beloved fave makeup away.
  • If you start smelling any distinct odors... I understand the color may not be made anymore but let it R.I.P.

  • The color is off.... You remember having a red lipstick and it now looks blue, that’s a pretty darn good sign its time.

  • Natural products in many cases should be thrown out a little faster than you would other products. Extra ingredients are added to prolong the shelf life, so keep watch on your natural products.

  • If you don't remember when you purchased it..... Okay some of us have bad memories (like myself) but if it’s something you seen around in your makeup bag a long time and you have no clue when it was purchased (unless you found the receipt) introduce it to the trashcan. You never want to put something old on that beautiful delicate skin of yours. Rule of Thumb: Make little stickers or a list with the dates you purchased your cosmetics and keep it somewhere safe. 
From the good folks at iVillage, here is a simple guideline to cleaning out your makeup bag.

  •  Foundations/Blush/Concealer: 12 to 18 months. This is definitely a wise rule especially for those of us who use compact foundation; you want to keep the possibility of any bacteria getting to your makeup.  Personal Rule: 6 months, I prefer keeping my foundation powder fresh; take no chances if you have the resources to trade out.
  • Eye shadow: 12 to 24 months.  Again, I prefer switching out 6 months if possible.  If you continue to use eye shadow daily, pleaseeeee clean your brushes you don't want to attract bacteria to your brushes and eye palettes lady.
  • Mascara: 3 Months. This is probably one of the most important ones to watch out for. You must remember this product dries out and this could lead to infection and we don’t want your eyes to look all gross.
  • Nail Color: 1 Year. If you are putting  nail polishes in a safe places then you should be fine.

More Tips

  • Wash your brushes. Many will tell you 2 to 3 months, but I say every week!!!
  • If you use sponges with your foundation discard of old sponges monthly.


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