11 June 2010

Girls With Curls: Blended Beauty

Hey all :-) I want to welcome you back to our new series " Girls With Curls"; my journey in helping you find great products for naturally curly hair!

In this edition I want to introduce you all to Blended Beauty which is a hair care line specifically designed for those with wavy, curly and kinky hair. Their products are also formulated with 99% natural ingredients. I got the opportunity to try out the "Curly Frizz Pudding" and the "Curl Styling Lotion".

Curly Frizz Pudding

I started off by washing my hair with Pantene's Relaxed & Natural shampoo & conditioner. Next, I detangled my hair then applied the Curly Frizz Pudding with my hair separated into four sections.

Curl Styling Lotion

Since both products are made to leave in, I followed using the Curl Styling Lotion. I applied it with my fingers from roots to ends and making sure it was evenly distributed.

Here's a pic of my hair semi dry/damp after using both products. 

I allowed my hair to dry naturally. A few hours later, these are my final results. 

Overall Review

Glow: I absolutely LOVE the smell of the Curly Frizz Pudding. The scent is addictive, kinda reminds me of almond oil. Both products left my hair feeling incredibly soft, and bouncy! I loved the fact that I could actually comb through my curls once it came time to detangle & rewash. The following day I wet my hair w/o washing and reapplied both products and the results were consistent!

Glare: The products sorta gave me the same results as I would've gotten using a basic leave in conditioner. So in my opinion there was no real "wow" factor other than the fact that it left my hair soft. Also, I did notice a minimal amount of frizz towards the end of the day.

Would I Recommend It: I would, but I'd also recommend just trying out one or the other. I honestly don't think there's a need for both because they pretty much delivered the same results.

Overall Glam: I was satisfied with the results and how my hair stayed fluffy & full looking throughout the day. Blended Beauty is definitely something one could use on a regular basis, solely because it was light and wasn't harsh on my hair at all. Whereas I've seen other products that are sticky, dry your hair out or leave behind a residue. Be sure to check out Blended Beauty's website, they have an array of products! Both products retail for $19, you can buy them here.

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