09 June 2010

Glasses and Makeup: The Perfect Combo

 As one of the lovely ladies who wear contacts and glasses, I know how hard it can be to pull off a sexy makeup look. Either certain things just won't work with your eyes or your glasses just blocking all the effects. Although it can be difficult at times there are many tips to help create sexy looks even when wearing your specs.

  • One thing you need to know before picking eyeshadows... Are you nearsighted or farsighted?  This is because nearsighted makes your eyes look smaller, while farsighted gives the opposite affect, this can determine which colors will work the best to make your eyes pop.

  • Try out brighter colors if you are of the daring persuasion. Its something a little different and will definitely be noticed. Experiment with the colors that are a little brighter, your cream based shadows will give you the most effect you are looking for, when your eyes appear smaller.

  • For those ladies with bigger eyes in glasses, you may want to try out more browns and golds .

  • Don't go overboard with mascara, go for one coat if you must. You don't want to make a mistake and have your lashes touching your glasses....BIG DISASTER

  • If you're like me and have a astigmatism you can be a littler bolder in your shadows. Try shades that match your complexion.

  • Try to stick to neutral and lighter colors, darker colors normally don't work so well with the glasses, such as black.

  • If you have black framed glasses, keep things neutral. The black is already calling a lot of attention and too much color could be overwhelming.

  • Use a good concealer, usually with glasses if you tend to get under eye marks and circles it will become more noticeable with your glasses.

  • Just be careful ladies because with glasses the effect will be magnified.

 Don't forget glasses are sexy all alone... You don't need makeup to look great in your specs. If you are just of the makeup loving group ( like I know you are) TRY THINGS OUT. There is no perfect formula for ladies with glasses, just don't be scared to play around and find looks that work great for you, without harming your eyes.


  1. I wear both contacts & glasses .. and I have black frames .. I tend to not wear makeup at all with glasses.. Love the article. Might put it to good use :)

  2. i wear glasses with dark frames also. my frames are narrow enough to still show my lids un-magnified.
    but i tend to not use bold colored eye shadows. i like the look of bronzes, golds and browns on my skin tone. maybe now, after this article, i will try bolder colors.

  3. Thanks ladies, glad you like. Yea just try out a few things, depending on your glasses you can find something to work...

    And yes Golds usually are great regardless with glasses.

  4. Eye makeup usually goes unnoticed when I wear my glasses, so I just do something bold, or extra glossy with the lips or my blush... great post :)


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