23 June 2010

Make Yourself Glow

Many times us ladies don't take the time we should for ourselves. Our busy schedules leave less time to focus on us (let alone just remember us). Lately, many young women I've come across are experiencing extreme amounts of stress and in some cases leading to medical problems. I don't want to see this happen to anymore beautiful women. You are all special and deserve a moment to breath without having to deal with the weight of the world.

This month, I challenge you all to do something to make yourself glow. Sometimes its a good idea to take time and just breathe and get to know you. We can't help or be there for anyone if you are somewhere stressed out or even worst, sick. So ladies even if its a few minutes take some time for you. Here are a few tips for some glow time.

*Schedule a massage.... Nothing like a good massage to get de-stressed...
*Take a walk in the park.Walking and getting some air and just taking time to breathe is a great way to clear your mind and even help you focus.
*Dance. There is nothing like mindless dancing to cure all the worries. Note: Make sure at some point you are dance in the mirror, it must be done.
*Read a book. Not a book on new business principles but something fun that can help you escape for a moment.
*Sleep. Just take time and just sleep, I'm sure we all are lacking some truly needed sleep from our busy schedules.

*Listen to music and sing! Put on one of your favorite albums and just sing your heart out until you just
can't take it anymore!
*Volunteer. I know it may sound like you just adding more on, but doing small projects helps you get your mind off what's going on in your world and see the bigger picture.
*Give yourself a homemade facial! Check Out Face Vacation
*Do some yoga! It's truly relaxing, take a class at a local center... If you're brave try Power Yoga.
*Create some type of personal blog/journal. Sometimes writing is a great way to release everything on the     mind and help put things into perspective.
*Watch a silly movie. Find a cheesy comedy and laugh until you cry.
*Take a drive. For many driving has a way or clearing you head. (This one could cost you though!)
*Shopping or at least window shopping. If you are into shopping, go try some cute clothes on and if you can buy you something, preferably on sale.
*Pick up a hobby. Something you can do every week is a great way to relax and get your mind off things. *Craft projects and gardening are the best things ever!! (at least to me)

Let us know what are some things you do to relax or will try in the future!

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