28 July 2010

Glow in the City: Glow Girl Cocktails

Recently, I had a chance to attend Tales of the Cocktail, an international acclaimed festival of cocktails, cuisine and culture, held in New Orleans, Louisiana. I tried many fabulous cocktails and wanted to share a few Glow Girl approved cocktails for you to try!

GREY GOOSE® La Poire Wandering Poet
Created by Nick Mautone
1½ part GREY GOOSE® La Poire Flavored Vodka
1 part sake
1 part lychee puree
1 part lime juice
½ part simple syrup
1 strip pickled ginger
Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously, and strain into a chilled martini glass. Present with mint leaves or lychee nuts.

The Commute
1 1/2 parts Absolut Brooklyn
2 Dashes Pernod Absinthe
1/4 Part Lime Juice
1/2 Part Benedictine
1/4 Part Pear Nectar
1/4 Prt Honey Syrup
1 Dash Angostura Bitters
Shake all ingredients together, except bitters.
Strain over fresh ice into rocks glass. Dash bitters on top
& garnish with lemon twist.

Executive Lady
2 oz Oxley Gin
1 oz Lemon
1/2 oz Simple Syrup
3/4 oz Creme de peche
1/2 oz egg white
Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker,
shake and double strain into a martini glass

Hotel Nacionale Speciale
Apaded rom the Hotel Nacionale, Havana, Cuba
1 1/2 oz rum ( white or aged )
3/4 oz fresh lime juice
3/4 oz Pineapple Gum Syrup
1/2 oz apricot brandy
Shake vigorously and strain into a
chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a lime twist.

Black Paloma
1 1/2 parts Olmeca Altos Plata Tequila
1 1/2 parts Kahlua
3/4 parts Lime
1/2 parts fresh Grapefruit juice
2 dashes of Bitters
Pinch Salt
Top with Club Soda

Caribbean Punch
1.5 oz Dos Maderas 5 + 3 Rum
3/4 oz ginger - clove syrup
3/4 oz lime juice
1 oz grapefruit juice
1 oz orange juice
1/2 oz Dos Maderas PX Rum float
Build in Collins glass. Garnish with
grapefruit segment and a cherry

The St - Germain Cocktail
2 parts Brut Champagne
Dry Sparkling Wine
1 1/2 St - Germain
2 parts Club Soda

Delores Park Swizzle
1 oz Amontillado Sherry
1 oz Tequila
¾ oz Ginger Syrup
¾ oz Fresh Lime Juice
¼ oz Velvet Falernum
Top with 4 dashes aromatic Bitters
Garnish lavishly with mint
Serve over crushed ice


21 July 2010

Blue Dress Blues

I remember a time when I hated dresses, but I'm truly happy those days are over. Dresses do wonders in the sexy realm. No matter your size there is a dress for you, just go out there and try a few on and see what style works for you. In this look, I chose a cute blue dress by Full Circle, with beautiful detailing and sexy for the ladies who like to show off their legs.  I paired it with a orange necklace by Cornelia to bring the dress out a little.  To give it an little extra, I added some cute multi-color heels by Blank.
Necklace by Cornelia
Dress by Full Circle
Heels by Blank

Here are a few tips to help you ladies in your dress shopping adventures.
  • For you ladies blessed with a full bosom, make sure you pay attention to detailing on a dress. Most likely you are a member of the Full Time Bra Wearing Society, so look at dresses with a wider strap, you need the added support. A good pairing for you is a dress with an empire waistline.

  • For the petite ladies, its all about proportions. Different styles just don't work on the smaller ladies. Try to focus more on colors and patterns that work on you, instead of focusing on dresses that have entirely too much going on in the detail.

  • When looking at dresses find something that flatters the parts of your body you love the most rather its the shoulders or the legs.

  • For you ladies with curves or you just want to appear like you do, halter style dresses work wonders.

  • Always remember just because something comes in your size doesn't mean its for you. Everything has different shapes. You need to try the dress on and make sure proportions are just right for your frame.

  • Whenever you get a chance, invest in at least one black dress. A sexy black dress can be worn at many different events.


15 July 2010

Neutral Smokey Eye Tutorial/FOTD

Hey Glow Girls,

I have recieved a couple request to do a smokey eye look. This is a look you can wear to work, or a night out on the town. So here it is!

Today I used this Quad from Lancome. It's called Golden Audacity from their Color Design Collection.

I used a angled brush and applied the gold shadow. I used the gold where you can see the tin. You can tell this is my favorite color. I applied this color to my lid and worked it halfway into my crease.

I then used a crease brush to apply the black. I applied the black in circular motions. I started the black where I stopped with the gold. Now BLEND,BLEND,BLEND!

I then applied the gold/beige that is above the black in the quad and put it lightly under my brow.

Now you are ready to apply eyeliner and mascara.

And this is your final look! I hope this helps!


14 July 2010

Inner Glow: Living Healthy

I've recently lost 15 pounds (I was just as shocked as you) on the Shercole's not so Diet.  It was truly shocker how easy some things work out when you stop worrying about losing weight.  It's true freedom when you realize diets are temporary solutions, but healthy living is permanent fixes. When I came to this realization, it made doing the things I need to help myself much easier and enjoyable. So I wanted to share some tips for you glow girls to help you create healthier lifestyles.

Stop Worrying. The FIRST step is you have to feel some sort of comfortable in your own skin. If you don't feel good about you right now, how do you expect to lose weight or feel good about you when you do. Feel sexy and be sexy in whatever skin you in. Know you got it regardless of what size you are.

Stop Stressing. There is a new diet and technique each week and it drives us all crazy. Just stop and breathe and just do whats comfortable for you. Work in small steps to find eating solutions and work out solutions to suit you.  Me personally, I just stopped it all. I decided one day I was going to just work to live a healthier lifestyle, not to Lose weight. I started eating smaller portions (but still enjoying some of the foods I liked), incorporating more healthier snacks and alternatives specifically with fiber in them, as well as walking in the park at my own pace. Thats all I did.... Be happy in whatever routine you choose, because if you miserable and hate doing what you are doing, after awhile you just WON'T DO IT.

Stop Looking At The Scale. The scale is evil. You keep looking at it day after day and its not changing and could be a debbie downer for your progress. Scales don't account for the different ways weight form in our body and how they transfer and leave. So be careful with scales. Personally, I don't do the scale until its time to go to the doctor or after so long just to see. You just want to be healthy not just lose weight. If you move to healthier lifestyles, your body will have no choice but to work with you and take off some of the pounds.

More Tips

*Just take baby steps and try to eat healthier. Maybe try some yogurt in the morning, granola for a snack.

*Find a fun activity to get you pumped up. Walk in the park with your friends, Listening to some music on elliptical machine, or take Pole Dancing Aerobics ( Okay maybe this is just me!)

*Fiber Fiber Fiber (thats all I say)

*Talk to your doctor about some tips for a Healthier lifestyle.

*Learn the difference between being healthy and losing weight. ( Note: being healthy can be in every size, not everyone is meant to be a size 2 so find out how your body works.


08 July 2010

Bdellium Tools "Studio Line" Makeup Brushes

Bdellium Tools has created a great Studio Line of makeup brushes. These brushes were made with your health in mind! Each brush has a special anti-bacterial coating to fight bacteria that can form on brushes from time to time. Also, each brush has very nice wooden handles and cute yellow color. These brushes were made for flawless application; each brush was designed perfectly to create any effect you could possibly imagine. In addition, the brushes are created with natural and synthetic hair bristles. These are absolutely some of my favorite brushes and reasonable priced! Check Out Bdellium Tools!

#955: A finishing brush, great for blending face powder. The bristles help to add great texture to the face. It also gives an even look.

#776: This is a blending brush with full natural bristles. This is great to use to blend color on eyes and in using creamy products.

#769: What a great angled contour brush! It's wonderful for creating highlighting in corner of the eyes and accents.

#765: A small angled shader brush made of all natural fibers. This is another great tool for blending and to help sweep color.

#781: This is a very cool crease brush, made with optimized mixed fibers. Great tool for eye creases and contrasting colors!

#755: The smudge brush is an awesome tool to create the smoky eye effect! It also works well with closeness to the lash line.

#942: A slanted contour brush used for cheek and cheekbone application.

#964: This is the AP blusher brush. It's a multi-use brush, also great for blush and powder application.

#957: One of my favorite brushes has to be the precision cheek brush! It's wonderful for powder and bronzer. It's also a great tool to work on contoured finishes.


07 July 2010

Stripes, Bows and Flowers: The Look

Today feels like a stripes and bow type of day!!! Nothing wrong with putting different patterns and unusual things together to make your outfit work.  The look I created incorporated a red and white striped and bow shirt, with a cute skirt with multi-color flowers. I hope you enjoy this look.

Top by Next
 This is a cute stripped top with three bows. Everything about this shirt is nice and fun. You can rock this top in so many ways.  This top is by Next, a UK based retailer. 

Skirt by Rita Saardi
This Rita Saardi skit is greatness! Its a flirty and silk mini skirt.  Beautiful flower creations in all types  of colors such as pink, purple, and red. This skirt is definitely not for everyones taste but a cute fashion try for anyone looking to do something different.   Check out the Rita Saardi website all types of neat inspring ideas for beautiful clothing creations.

Heels by Björn Borg

I chose a pink heel with straps around the ankle,  truly sexy. Bjorn Borg is a swedish company, which actually focuses on underwear.
Never hesitate to at least try styles you like. Go to stores and catch sales and put styles together. Make things work on a little and get crazy with it.


06 July 2010

Kimble | Honey & Oatmeal Moisturizing Treatment

If you've never tried a product from Kimble Hair Care Systems, then its time to get familiar! Kimble is a hair care line developed by celebrity stylist, Kimberly Kimble. They offer a very extensive collection of products designed to accommodate all of your hair care needs.

Honey & Oatmeal Moisturizing Treatment | $11.99

I recently tried Kimble's Honey and Oatmeal Moisturizing Treatment which is a replenishing conditioner that adds luster to dry, damaged hair. Whether you're permed or natural, having a good conditioner is an integral part of maintaining healthy hair. Within the last couple of months I've tried quite a few products on my natural mane, a few of which left my hair feeling weak and dry. My scalp was definitely overdue for a little TLC.    

I'll admit, I tend to go against the grain when it comes to following directions, which is why the first time I used this product I failed at seeing the maximum results in which it could've offered. The first time I tried the treatment I combed it through my hair after washing and rinsed immediately afterwards, BIG MISTAKE. The instructions clearly state that after applying the treatment you should let it sit for 20 minutes while under a dryer or using a heating cap. I decided to give this product another go and this time I did just as the instructions stated. If you don't have a dryer or a heating cap, a regular shower cap will suffice just the same.

In the above photo is my hair right after applying the treatment and just before putting on the shower cap. The photo below shows the results of my hair 20 minutes later after removing the shower cap. I noticed an immediate difference. I could actually comb through my curls they seemed more manageable and they felt really smooth.

Overall Review

Glow: I really loved the way it felt as I rinsed it out of my hair, it was really smooth and my hair felt like silk. I could run my fingers through it without running into tangles. 

Glare: When I see the words Oatmeal & Honey I instantly think " that must smell really good! " Well, while it does have a pleasant smell its way more faint than I expected it to be. I would've loved for it to have had a more significant scent. 

Would I Recommend It: Absolutely! Its refreshing to find a product that can revitalize your tresses in a simple step! 

Overall Glam: Its a really good treatment that can also double as a deep conditioner. It left my hair feeling super smooth and replenished! You can try out the product yourself and purchase it directly from Kimble, its also available in various stores such as Target

Products in this post were provided for review. Read our disclosure policy here.


05 July 2010

When Your Health Trumps Beauty...

Recently, I had some blood work done and to my amazement I'm not as healthy as I thought I was. From the outside I look pretty healthy. To those that don't know me personally, I seem to be pretty much in shape at a healthy weight and no health issues. That darn blood test told me otherwise!

While my blood pressure (104/60 is normal for me; the "norm" is 120/80) and glucose levels are pristine- my cholesterol is NOT. I was flabbergasted when I saw the results. With diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol being best friends with my gene pool, I was disappointed in myself that I've allowed myself to be borderline high/high concerning my cholesterol levels. I admit I have my vices when it comes to food. The Whoppers, China Man (chinese food), KFC, Taco Bell....are among the list. Just typing that out makes my mouth water-but clogging my poor arteries! On top of that while to the outside world I "look" like I'm at a good weight, I'm here to admit I'm more than 50 pounds overweight. When people ask, "how much do you weigh?" and I ask "how much do you think I weigh?" They respond with the weight I SHOULD be at...amazing. My body type is Mesendomorph. This body type tends to be naturally strong but can easily gain fat. This body type also distributes fat evenly throughout the body to give the appearance of not really being overweight. Being overweight on top of this newly discovered neighbor that lives in my arteries is a recipe for heart attack, stroke, diabetes or just an early death. While death in itself doesn't bother me, leaving family and friends behind at a relatively young age does.

As a child, I had the best of both worlds- mother's family is from the South so you KNOW that's some good eatin'! Hamhocks, neckbones, pulled pork, red beans and rice, grits, gravy, fried, baked...mmmm. My father is from Dominican Republic so arroz con pollo, casava bread, yucca, penil (roast pork), fried plantains where always fixed and EATEN! Even with those foods we ALWAYS, ALWAYS had fresh fruit and vegetables in my house. My father would go to the fruitstand EVERYDAY (I kid you not) to get fresh produce. My mom kept granola, baby carrots and other healthy snacks in the house. I didn't really start eating junk food until I got to junior high! As I got older, I managed to always eat fruits and vegetables and still do but I haven't been making the greatest food choices overall. So I stepped up big time.

I drug out my treadmill, popped my P90x dvd's in the player and got a small notebook to keep notes on my exercise. On top of that, I started taking Vitamin B supplements and purchased fresh blended natural juices from Odwalla, Bolthouse and Naked. I also started buying Healthy Choice and Kashi frozen lunches (make sure you check the sodium on frozen dinners and lunches! Anything past 500mg should NOT go in your cart!). I've imposed a "don't eat pass 8pm NOT MATTER WHAT." I'm already a green tea fanatic so I'll keep drinking that but I've also been using my Hydra Coach! So having pre-purchased meals, fruit and juices not only curb bad food eating but keeps me from eating our all the time, spending money and watch my food intake.

As a black woman, I refuse to let my old habits put me in the position to become one of the statistics! Believe me this is not easy by any means. It's easier to go to grab a burger than eat a low carb high protein meal. So I decided to help me stay on track, I'll eat a "reward" meal once every two weeks. This way I don't feel like I "can't" eat this and make me want it even more. It's easy to come home and grab a snack and flop on the couch or the bed and watch television. I set up my treadmill where it's staring me in the face when I walk in the door. I most certainly do not want to have medications be part of my daily diet. Countless family members have a med "cocktail" before even eating breakfast...and I'm NOT trying to go there!

Even though I've made a conscious effort to get my cholesterol down to an acceptable number and drop this excess weight, I've also decided seeing a doctor on a regular basis will become part of my regimen. I'm sure there are some of you out there that are like me and only go to the doctor if they are two steps away from seeing the Pearly Gates...lol. I say that in jest but you get what I mean. If it wasn't for this recent blood work I would have continued down that dangerous path playing chicken with my own life. I'm just grateful I caught it in time to make the necessary changes. I encourage you to KNOW your body and KNOW your family medical history. Making changes to be more healthy save not only your life but it also allows those who love you continue to enjoy you that much longer.


02 July 2010

Creative Friday Peacock Edition

Hey Glow Girls,

Today I was bored and decided to try something new. This is what I came up with.

When I outlined the feathers and it looked more defined. Or do you like the feather that is not outlined better? Please tell me what you think about my creative eye look for today.


01 July 2010

Inner Glow: July Awareness Month

Hemochromatosis Screening Awareness Month
Hereditary hemochromatosis is a  iron overload disease or "genetic iron poisoning". It is the most common genetic disease in the U.S.A. For more information check out AHS.

International Group B Strep Awareness Month
Group B streptococcus (GBS) is a type of bacterium that causes illness in newborn babies, pregnant women, the elderly, and adults with other illnesses. For more information visit The Jesse Cause.



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