08 July 2010

Bdellium Tools "Studio Line" Makeup Brushes

Bdellium Tools has created a great Studio Line of makeup brushes. These brushes were made with your health in mind! Each brush has a special anti-bacterial coating to fight bacteria that can form on brushes from time to time. Also, each brush has very nice wooden handles and cute yellow color. These brushes were made for flawless application; each brush was designed perfectly to create any effect you could possibly imagine. In addition, the brushes are created with natural and synthetic hair bristles. These are absolutely some of my favorite brushes and reasonable priced! Check Out Bdellium Tools!

#955: A finishing brush, great for blending face powder. The bristles help to add great texture to the face. It also gives an even look.

#776: This is a blending brush with full natural bristles. This is great to use to blend color on eyes and in using creamy products.

#769: What a great angled contour brush! It's wonderful for creating highlighting in corner of the eyes and accents.

#765: A small angled shader brush made of all natural fibers. This is another great tool for blending and to help sweep color.

#781: This is a very cool crease brush, made with optimized mixed fibers. Great tool for eye creases and contrasting colors!

#755: The smudge brush is an awesome tool to create the smoky eye effect! It also works well with closeness to the lash line.

#942: A slanted contour brush used for cheek and cheekbone application.

#964: This is the AP blusher brush. It's a multi-use brush, also great for blush and powder application.

#957: One of my favorite brushes has to be the precision cheek brush! It's wonderful for powder and bronzer. It's also a great tool to work on contoured finishes.


  1. They are beyond sexy. Plus the natural brushes have goat hair (some). Next up is squirrel hair bristles!!!

  2. LMAO!!!! I've always wanted to know how a squirrel felt o_0

  3. I've been hesitant about purchasing brushes but I'm going on your word and buying these! Thanks!!

  4. Great! let me know how you like them! If you want to start slow you can go with just two brushes like the blender brush and the angled shader brush. Check out my article on picking brushes.


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