21 July 2010

Blue Dress Blues

I remember a time when I hated dresses, but I'm truly happy those days are over. Dresses do wonders in the sexy realm. No matter your size there is a dress for you, just go out there and try a few on and see what style works for you. In this look, I chose a cute blue dress by Full Circle, with beautiful detailing and sexy for the ladies who like to show off their legs.  I paired it with a orange necklace by Cornelia to bring the dress out a little.  To give it an little extra, I added some cute multi-color heels by Blank.
Necklace by Cornelia
Dress by Full Circle
Heels by Blank

Here are a few tips to help you ladies in your dress shopping adventures.
  • For you ladies blessed with a full bosom, make sure you pay attention to detailing on a dress. Most likely you are a member of the Full Time Bra Wearing Society, so look at dresses with a wider strap, you need the added support. A good pairing for you is a dress with an empire waistline.

  • For the petite ladies, its all about proportions. Different styles just don't work on the smaller ladies. Try to focus more on colors and patterns that work on you, instead of focusing on dresses that have entirely too much going on in the detail.

  • When looking at dresses find something that flatters the parts of your body you love the most rather its the shoulders or the legs.

  • For you ladies with curves or you just want to appear like you do, halter style dresses work wonders.

  • Always remember just because something comes in your size doesn't mean its for you. Everything has different shapes. You need to try the dress on and make sure proportions are just right for your frame.

  • Whenever you get a chance, invest in at least one black dress. A sexy black dress can be worn at many different events.


  1. that's a FAB blue dress that you've pictured...and I love the header of your blog, super cool chic look to everything :)



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