14 July 2010

Inner Glow: Living Healthy

I've recently lost 15 pounds (I was just as shocked as you) on the Shercole's not so Diet.  It was truly shocker how easy some things work out when you stop worrying about losing weight.  It's true freedom when you realize diets are temporary solutions, but healthy living is permanent fixes. When I came to this realization, it made doing the things I need to help myself much easier and enjoyable. So I wanted to share some tips for you glow girls to help you create healthier lifestyles.

Stop Worrying. The FIRST step is you have to feel some sort of comfortable in your own skin. If you don't feel good about you right now, how do you expect to lose weight or feel good about you when you do. Feel sexy and be sexy in whatever skin you in. Know you got it regardless of what size you are.

Stop Stressing. There is a new diet and technique each week and it drives us all crazy. Just stop and breathe and just do whats comfortable for you. Work in small steps to find eating solutions and work out solutions to suit you.  Me personally, I just stopped it all. I decided one day I was going to just work to live a healthier lifestyle, not to Lose weight. I started eating smaller portions (but still enjoying some of the foods I liked), incorporating more healthier snacks and alternatives specifically with fiber in them, as well as walking in the park at my own pace. Thats all I did.... Be happy in whatever routine you choose, because if you miserable and hate doing what you are doing, after awhile you just WON'T DO IT.

Stop Looking At The Scale. The scale is evil. You keep looking at it day after day and its not changing and could be a debbie downer for your progress. Scales don't account for the different ways weight form in our body and how they transfer and leave. So be careful with scales. Personally, I don't do the scale until its time to go to the doctor or after so long just to see. You just want to be healthy not just lose weight. If you move to healthier lifestyles, your body will have no choice but to work with you and take off some of the pounds.

More Tips

*Just take baby steps and try to eat healthier. Maybe try some yogurt in the morning, granola for a snack.

*Find a fun activity to get you pumped up. Walk in the park with your friends, Listening to some music on elliptical machine, or take Pole Dancing Aerobics ( Okay maybe this is just me!)

*Fiber Fiber Fiber (thats all I say)

*Talk to your doctor about some tips for a Healthier lifestyle.

*Learn the difference between being healthy and losing weight. ( Note: being healthy can be in every size, not everyone is meant to be a size 2 so find out how your body works.


  1. Tamar, this post was most definitely right on time. You raise some valid points that I am pondering right now. At this point I'm trying to remind myself to focus on my strengths in an effort to boost my weakest points. I also need to stop comparing myself to others.

    I love this post and plan on sharing on FB/Twitter!


  2. Really Good Tips Shercole!!!!

  3. Thanks! @Odara

    Yes, @Chandra yea comparing yourself to others is definitely not helpful to any type of improvements you plan to do. Just keep reminding yourself that we are all different and have different strengths and weaknesses and no one persons is better or worst than the next and just focus on yourself.


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