16 August 2010

Corioliss Classic Pro 1" Flat Iron Review

Happy Monday!!! Since I've been natural and have completely transitioned, it's not often that I straighten my hair anymore. ( Well, without the assistance of my great beautician anyway ) But, over the weekend I got the opportunity to try out the Corioliss Classic Pro 1" flat irons, courtesy of my friends over at Misikko. Misikko, is an online distributer that specializes in FHI Flat Iron's & Professional Hair Dryers.

Corioliss Classic Pro 1" Flat Iron
[ Retails for $89.99 ]

I must say, being someone who's extremely partial to my favorite Chi irons. I was a little skeptical as to if they'd deliver my desired results. Did they meet my expectations? Let's check the review below to find out.

 ( Pre Flat Ironed hair )

Pictured above is a photo of my hair blown out right after washing & conditioning. The photos below, are my results after straightening my hair with the Corioliss Classic Pro.

 (Post Flat Ironed Hair)

Glow: I really love that these irons were pretty compact & not overly bulky. I think we've all owned a pair of clumsy irons before! It was really refreshing that these were steady, especially when I sat them down they stay in place. I also adored the cute & convenient heat proof storage pouch that Misikko provided along with them.

Glare: I wouldn't really call it a dislike, but the placement of the power buttons & settings takes a little getting use to. Where as on my old irons the control notches are located on the outside of the iron, these are actually placed underneath the inside of the handles. My first thoughts were "I'm SO gonna burn myself" lol but yeah that never happened, so I was pleasantly surprised.

Would I Recommend It: Absolutely! They definitely delivered the results I was aiming for!

Overall Glam: This baby packs an extremely adequate amount of heat. They claim to heat up in less than 6 seconds, but thats kind of a hit & miss depending on your hair type & how much heat you require. I actually had mine set to the max at 410 degrees and it probably took them about 30 seconds to reach my desired temperature. I have semi-fine, wavy hair but its actually pretty thick especially at the roots. Which is why I always opt for a little more heat. For someone who has really fine hair, of course I wouldn't suggest going my route and pumping up the heat. Everyone will have individualized needs & results. Overall, I love the outcome and I can't wait to put them to use again!

Be sure to head over to Misikko and check out some of their other fabulous products!

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  1. I have the Corioliss iron, it straightens good but you have to be careful not to use too much heat. I have fine hair strands and my hair was damaged after one use because I straightened my hair on 350 degrees. The iron also leaves my hair smelling burnt even on lower heat.

  2. Hey Anon, yes you're right you do have to be careful when it comes to using an appropriate amount of heat, the same as you would with any iron especially if you have fine hair.

    I didn't experience the burning smell when I used them but I do understand that results vary per individual. Sorry your experience wasn't so great, have you ever tried the CHI flat irons? Those are a personal fave of mine.


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