07 September 2010

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone! I'm Crystal. I'm a new blogger on here and just wanted to introduce myself. Let's see, what is there to know? I'm from Florida and I love makeup! I think that pretty much sums me up in a sentence. I'll be posting beauty blogs on here. I'm always buying makeup and work in a makeup store so if there is ever anything you all want me to review let me know! Chances are I have it or have tried it!

And just so this post isn't a complete bore I'll post some of my more recent "eyes".

This was using the Urban Decay 'Naked' palette. I only used two colors but really liked it. The best part is that it only took like 2 minutes to do. I think putting on the false lashes took like 3 hours though LOL.

I did this eye using my MAC Holiday 08 Smokey Eye palette. This has got to be my all time favorite palette. Whenever I'm in a rush, which is almost always, I do this look. It's simple and only takes 2-4 colors depending on my mood that day. It never fails to get me compliments either. Which I always find hilarious because I'm always like, "Really?!?!? This took 2 seconds, no effort."

That is all! Look for another post in the near future! To learn more about me you can always check out my Bio in the 'About' section or the 'Profiles' section.


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