02 September 2010

Own The Look: Day Look

Hey everyone! Im starting a new series called "Own The Look", make any looking your own design. Be on the lookout for fashion, photo editorials and different yummy buys for all budgets and just to admire.  Hope you enjoy!!!

Day Look: Take a look at this outfit I created! This is a great outfit you can take from day to a early night event, maybe a happy hour. It's functional and casual. It's one of those looks you can be completely sexy and all covered up. Never underestimate the sexy factor of coverage.

The piece that probably brings out this outfit the most is the shoes. They are absolutely stunning and walkable. The color makes the whole outfit pop, it's in the same color chart but brings more light. These are stunning 90's leather print Versace shoes. 

The pleat pants are modern, sexy and you can breath in them. It was designed by Minimarket for their 2010, Autumn/Winter collection. 

This navel length shirt is a Lycra, sequined, striped shirt; vintage from MASKERDAFFAREN of Sweden. 

The beautiful ring is also another great Sweden fashion made of metal and wood, by Indiska for their Spring/Summer 2010 collection. 

Being the purse lover I am, I couldn't complete this look without a great purse. This leather animal print purse is sexy and has a little purple incorporated in and definitely makes the look a little more funky. Its a Dolce Gabbana  from the 2010 Spring Summer Collection.

Its cute and great with the hair choice, the metal chunky earrings works well with her face. You can get these same earrings from Urban Outfitters and is apart of their 2010 Spring/Summer Collection.


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  1. very cute until you get to the shoes. too halloween-y for me.


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