29 September 2010

Part Time Business in Beauty

**Everyone loves Avon! We all have bought something from them. Why not join the team. For a small price you can become an Avon Associate that allows you to run your own business as well as receive more valuable professional development. Avon.com

**Mary Kay has a great line of targeted products. You can become a Independent Beauty Consultant sell great products that have been around since 63. It's  a bit more of a financial commitment but well worth it. Marykay.com

**Sell Mark! It's a cool more youthful beauty and fashion line by Avon. You can start your business for just $20. meetmark.com

**Do you make some cute crafts or jewelry? You can sell it on Etsy. It's a great website that supports handmade products. You can sign up for free and it only costs  20cents to list an item for four months.

**Do you love dancing and aerobics? You can teach total body conditioning program. Start your own franchise. jazzercise.com

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  1. My friends told me that it just might be another networking scam but when I read up comments and testimonials, I really got interested to try it. After a few months of using their products, I’ve noticed how my friends would tell me that I’m looking radiant and less stressed! I started to love their products so I decided to sign up for their instant business program.
    I’m so happy that I’ve made this discovery. It’s a real business for me and I feel more beautiful than when I was younger and working in a corporate office. I hope that other people can make this discovery too because it’s really life changing.Join Now!



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