13 September 2010

Sigma Makeup Brushes Review

I’ve fallen in love with a new phenomenal set of makeup brushes. Sigma Makeup has created a truly essential brush kit for face and eyes. The kit ($54 value) includes 3 brushes for face and 3 brushes for eyes. You have everything you need in this kit to create most looks you desire. These perfect brushes are professional quality with soft bristles in natural and synthetic. Each brush was completely hand sculpted and contains a wood handle and nickel planted brass ferrules.  How can you go wrong with such a phenomenal design?

Check out my new Sigma Brushes:

Large Powder Brush
It’s truly a perfect brush for me. Being a powder foundation lady, this brush helped to give me full coverage with its natural bristles.

Due Fibre Brush
For all the ladies wanting a Temptu Airbrush system, this is the perfect alternative brush to use with your liquid foundation to give a perfect finish. With a blend of synthetic and natural bristles along with the shape makes it a good choice for loose pigments. I even recommend this tool for trio blush blends/bricks.

Pencil Brush
This is a good tool to add color to the corner of the eye or applying color to the crease. It’s also good in helping smudge out pencil lines when creating every look.

Tapered Blending Brush
This is probably my favorite brush. I’m all about blending colors and this is the perfect tool. This rounded brush is great to blend specifically three and four color effects.

Eye Shading Brush
This is the ideal brush to put your main colors on your eye. The natural bristles are soft and perfect to create the main effects of your look.

Buffer Brush
This is my first buffer and I love it. It’s small and great to buff colors and create softer looks. You can use this tool with your powders.

Glow: I love the shape of the Sigma products, its perfect for every effect you are looking to make. The bristles are soft and feel wonderful to the eyes. I’m in love with the Tapered Blending Brush and Large Powder Brush because they work wonders in my looks.  When you think of professional quality brushes you think of expensive, but with these beauties you can have them at reasonable prices.

Would I recommend? Yes, I definitely recommend these brushes to all the glow girls out there. They are quality brushes that will stay in your collection for a long time.

Overall Glam: Take a peek at the look I created with my Sigma Brushes. The look came out just the way I wanted. The precise tools allowed me to even cut down on prep. The Buffer is a lifesaver!

Here are some other smart choices for Sigma Brushes:

Foundation Brush
This is a great brush for ladies who use liquid foundation. It would definitely help get coverage to the crease, such as by the nose. This is also a great tool for ladies using concealer, specifically under the eye.

Large Angled Contour Brush
This is a good brush to use with your blushes.  The large angle will provide an opportunity to give sweeping movements of color to your cheeks without giving an overwhelming effect to your face.

 Concealer Brush
This is a perfect tool to work with in small areas. For instance, around the nose and eye you can conceal the areas you may normally miss using other tools. This is also great for those who need just a little to cover up under the eye.

Medium Angled Shading Brush
The shading will help to enhance your brow line with its angle. Either if darkening or lightening under the brow, this will be your most precise tool.

Small Angle Brush
If you are a cream eyeliner type of girl this angle brush is great to use on the lash line. The angle will help to provide great effect especially in creating the smokey eye.

Large Shader Brush
This is something you need when prepping the eye with your favorite primer. It allows you to give the eye full coverage with your cream primers. Great for us Urban Decay primer girls.

Eyeliner Brush
For you ladies with a steady hand (not me) this tool will allow you to line the eye with precision. This will provide an opportunity for you to use your color and create your own liner effect.

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  1. I've always wanted to try these but I'm really OCD about all my brushes matching and being the same brand.

  2. Yea me too. I Now Have 3 different sets lol. They are actually really good and are probably my favorite brand right now.

  3. Thank you,

    The information provided through this is really worthwhile as far as the importancy concerned. It helps to improve knowledge about professional cosmetic makeup brushes.

  4. Please do you prefer Sigma Brushes or Bdellium Brushes???

    Thanks and kisses from Brazil

  5. Hi Karina! Thanks for checking us out! In my experience they are very similar and almost the same. Sigma brushes are sleek and prettier than Bdellium. However Bdellium brushes have an added antibacterial technology so I guess they'd be better in terms of cleaner & health! ( I personally like the Bdellium brushes the best ) I hope that helps! :o)


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