15 October 2010

Nail Junkie | Superstar Nail Lacquer | Review

Fashionable, Bold, Trend Setting and Show Stopping, those are just a few of the phrases that come to mind when describing Superstar Nail Lacquer. Superstar is a revitalizing nail polish founded by Ariana Pierce, a budding designer & entrepreneur. Ariana, set out to create a collection that would not only make women everywhere feel red carpet ready but also bring "haute couture to your hands". With over 40 shades, each color is named in the essence of fashion & fame.

Skinny Vanilla Latte

This color was my absolutely favorite out of the three. At first glance its not a shade that would have necessarily caught my eye but after my first application it's beauty grew on me immediately. It has a peachy/nude hue that compliments the skin tone in such a subtle and elegant way. 

Ari's Amethyst 

My apologies for the lighting in these photos because it simply does this color no justice. In person, the actual color has more of a rich purple tone to it. It's really complimentary & fall friendly. 

SoHo Chic 

My second favorite of the three. This color has a pink metallic look to it and its also very rich. I only needed to apply one coat! I'm currently wearing this color and I've gotten so many compliments! 

Glow: What I most liked about Superstar Nail Lacquer is that is dries incredibly fast and it' also very true to color. What you see is what you get, the exact same way it look inside the bottle is the way it comes out on your nails which is sometimes a rarity when in comes to nail polish.

Glare: There's honestly nothing that I disliked about the polish. I just wish the purple would've came out truer to its actual color in the pics I took :o( But that's entirely my cameras fault LOL!

Would I Recommend It? YES!!!

Overall Glam: Superstar Nail Lacquer prides themselves on a secret ingredient that keeps the colors true & allows the polish to dry extremely fast, now I'm not sure what that is exactly but what I am sure of is that they are definitely entitled to pat themselves on the back because they've got this formula right! What girl doesn't want to feel like a Superstar? :o)

Each bottle of nail lacquer is currently retailed at $10. To learn more about Superstar Nail Lacquer or to purchase, please visit their site www.superstarnaillacquer.com .

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  1. I like that vanilla latte!

    Send me a bottle!



  2. i've never heard of this brand before but i like what i see so far!


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