17 November 2010

Enter To Win | Whooga UGG Boots | Giveaway !!

Cooler weather has been knocking at my front door and I don't know about you glow girls but I'm welcoming it in with a smile! Winter is my favorite time of year and what better way to spend your holidays than being warm & cozy but also fashionable! Which is why I want to give you glow girls the heads up on an exciting giveaway and chance to win a pair of Ugg Boots by Whooga.

Whooga is widely recognized as the world’s fastest growing boutique brand of ugg boots. "Compared to traditional ugg boots the thicker and denser Thermofleece used inWhooga boots results in a warmer and toastier foot bed. Superior density and thickness of fibres circulate more air meaning toasty toes on winter’s bitterly cold days.”

** Fun facts about Whooga **

It's warm and cool

Going sockless you’ll immediately notice how thick, dense and springy the inside of your boots feel. If it’s cold your feet will be warmed very quickly in temperatures as low as -30. Thermofleece circulates more air than traditional ugg boots, your feet are wrapped in natures most effective reverse cycle air conditioner. During summer this air actively cools your feet and removes moisture!

No pressure or tightness

Thermofleece is softer to touch due to its high fibre density. Many of our Whooga owners draw the analogy of "walking on clouds of air". This is because thousands of fibres in Thermofleece evenly distribute pressure. Traditional boots by comparison are quite scratchy.

Self Shaping and never smelly

Your Whooga's are made with ‘twin faced’ leathers which not only breathe (preventing sweat and odour) but also conform to the shape of your feet within 3-7 days of wear. This ‘tailored’ feel is unrivalled for comfort. Synthetic boots do not breathe or release moisture buildup so your feet begin to sweat which is not only unhealthy but smells!

Moisturize and Improve Circulation

The Thermofleece in your Whooga’s contains Lanolin which increases blood circulation in your feet and is also a natural moisturizer. Similar grading fleece is used in hospital beds in Australia for these very benefits!

The Giveaway:  At the end of each month Whooga draws a pair of boots to giveaway for everyone who signs up for their newsletter. The giveaway is open to everyone in all countries. To enter just simply visit their website and sign up for their Newsletter for your chance to win. Easy, right ? Good Luck!

For those of you who can't wait to step your tootsie's inside a brand new cozy pair of Whooga's. They have teamed up with Gimme That Glow and have created an exclusive discount code just for our readers! ( how awesome is that ? ) Starting today, November 17th you can enter the discount code 888GIMME at checkout and receive 10% off. The discount code is redeemable for one week only, so make sure you snag a pair before time runs out! Happy Shopping!


  1. My family does not have a lot of money so I would love to get at least one pair of ugg boots


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