05 November 2010

Eye Smoke

The perfect look for those nights on the town is the never dying Smokey eye, newly known as Smoke (well at least to me). Glow Girls definitely make any room steamy and smokey when they enter, especially with their eyes. The Smokey eye is a universal look that represents sexiness and sophistication for every outing. Smoke is for daring ladies looking for versatility and class. These ladies aren’t afraid to work with multiple eye shadows and create some blending effects that bring the final sultry touch. With just a few simple steps any glow girl can create the glamorous night life look.

This look requires eye primer, eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara. With these few products and makeup brushes you fashionistas will be ready to bring the Smoke out. Here are a few steps to Smoke:

Step One: Prepare The Lid.
Start the process with an eye shadow base primer. Eye primers help eye shadow to last longer and keep color looking vibrant, while helping to decrease excessive creasing along the eye. Place your primer of choice along the entire eyelid for best results.

Style Choice: Urban Decay Eye shadow Primer Portion-Eden. $18(urbandecay.com) Eden has a matte-finish that complements eye shadow perfectly or can be worn alone.

Step Two: Apply eyeliner.
First, line both top and bottom rims of the eye with an eyeliner. Try to make the line thicker in the middle of the eye. To help with the effect, smudge lash lines with a cotton swab or an eyeliner brush to help in final stages of creation.

Style Choice: Sue Devitt Lash Line Enhancer. $20 (suedevittbeauty.com) This line enhancer thickens and gives volume to the lashes, while providing natural moisturizer to the delicate eye area.

Step Three: Apply Light Eye Base.
One of the most important steps in Louisiana Smoke is creating the proper blending process. Apply a lighter shadow in a neutral tone with a large eye shadow brush in a sweeping motion over the line of the bottom lid and entire upper lid. For best result use cream shades, to give extra glow and provide ease in completing step four.

Style Choice: Mac Shadow Cream Colour Base. $16.50 (maccosmetics.com). Try it out in Pearl, Fawntastic, or Bamboo. This is a great versatile product with a creamy tint that can be applied even directly to your body.

Step Four: Apply a Darker Eye Base.
It's now time to create Smoke. Using a eye shadow brush, apply a darker eye shadow shade, blending color with the light base starting at your lash line and end by applying into your crease. Make sure blend is complete and eyeliner disappears. Try darker browns and gray shadow colors. Make sure both of your eyes match and use a q-tip to correct any problems.

Style Choice: MAC Eye shadow $14.50 (maccosmetics.com). Try out Cut to fit, Sorcery, Twinks, Shadow Lady and Sketch colors.

Step Five: Apply Mascara.
To give your look the final sexy touch, apply mascara. Try a mascara with volumizing to give your lashes more definition.

Style Choice: Lancome HYNOSE Drama $24.50. It's instant full body volume mascara in a single stroke.

Enjoy a night on the town with your new Smoke Look!

Helpful Products:

• My Smokey Classics and My Glossy Lips Complete Make Palette for Eyes, Cheeks and Lip. By Lauren Luke $37 | Sephora
• Sephora Double-Ended Smokey Eye Brush | $18
• Stila Smokey Eye Palette - Original $40 | Stila Cosmetics
• Covergirl Smoky Shadowblast | Covergirl

• Urban Decay Smoke Out Kit  | $34
• TooFaced Smoky Eye Palette | $34
• Sephora Smokey Eye Brush Set | $42

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