31 January 2011

Tarte | Introduces NEW Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush | Spring 2011

For those who wanted an alternative blush to Tarte's award-winning gel and cream cheek stains, they are now offering Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in 8 shades. Inspired by Tarte's best-selling cheek and lip stains, shades range from soft pink ( dollface ) to deep berry ( flush ). used alone or with their best-selling natural cheek stains, this blush is sure to give you that natural glow

These solar-baked blushes are infused with Amazonian Clay, nature's more perfect ingredient. These nutrient rich and skin-nourishing Amazonian clay blushes restore harmony for a flawless finish that lasts all day. The soft blush is great for all skin types:

• Oily Skin: Amazonian clay minimizes oil in and around pores to balance skin and keep product in place
• Dry Skin: Amazonian clay hydrates skin naturally to restore moisture so your blush wears better & longer
• Dull Skin: Amazonian clay improves the appearance of skin clarity and skin texture
• Combination Skin: Amazonian clay is completely intuitive; gives skin an overall smooth & even appearance

Available in 8 shades:

Bright Pink

Blushing Bride
Plummy Rose

Warm Peach

Light Pink


Deep Berry

Natural Beauty


Skinvigorating Ingredients:

• Vitamin C: antioxidant free radical fighter that prevents premature signs of aging, while brightening skin
• Vitamin E: natural preservative that protects against free radical damage
• Beeswax: creates a natural protective barrier between the skin and environment
• Mineral Pigments: colors and dyes derived from natural minerals have been known to soothe and soften skin
• Amazonian Clay: the sun naturally bakes the multi-tasking and total skin balancing clay, locking in the plant and fruit nutrients 

Retail Availability: February 2011 exclusively at Sephora/Sephora.com


28 January 2011

Make Peace With Your Hair | Andre Walker Hair | Review

So unless you've been living under a rock then you've heard of Emmy Award winning stylist, Andre Walker. As a celebrity stylist Andre Walker most recently gained a lot of notoriety by being chosen as one of Oprah's favorite things in 2010. Oprah is also one of his most famous clientele. Andre has most recently partnered with HSN to launch his complete hair care solution designed for all hair types and textures. One of the key ingredients that are formulated within the Shampoo & Conditioner is Keratin.

What is Keratin ? Ok, so if you're like me and have heard of Keratin but aren't exactly knowledgeable of what it is. I'm going to try to explain what I do know. Keratin is a natural protein and key element located in all of our bodies. It's most commonly found in our hair, skin and nails. In terms of hair it works as a protein that replenishes the hair strands and fills the cuticle. Resulting in stronger, healthier hair which is achieved naturally.

Below is a breakdown of each product and what it does. Also the complete set ( which is what I have ) is available to purchase together for $65. 

Keratin Shampoo | $23
Keratin Shampoo is formulated to build strong, healthy hair. It is the perfect blend of the highest quality natural ingredients, such as Whole Leaf Aloe Vera and Green Tea Extract, and the best of modern science.

Keratin Condition | $23
When you use Andre Walker's Keratin Conditioner, your hair will smooth out like it's never done before! Formulated to complement the strengthening benefits of Keratin Shampoo, Keratin Conditioner takes hair to a new level of manageability, and takes you to a new level of Peace.

Q-Oil Quench Essential Oil | $35
Quench-Essential is Andre Walker's way of describing his favorite nourishment for hungry hair. Made from the purest Virgin Argan Oil of Morocco, this light, easy to use oil absorbs instantly into the hair, creating amazing shine. Your hair will be easier to manage, stronger, and smoother with just a little Q-Oil applied to your driest areas every day. Comes in a convenient dispenser for just the right amount.

Hair Make-Up | $12
If you look in the mirror wondering what to do when gray hair or new growth appears, knowing your salon appointment is days or weeks away, Hair Make-Up is your ultimate secret weapon! Formulated to cover your hairline, your part, or long gray strands, Hair Make-Up goes on in seconds, then dries in seconds, with a naturally lustrous shine and finish. And roots or no roots, use Hair Make-Up to create dramatic highlights that match your mood, using one (or two!) of five available colors. When you wash your hair, Hair Make-Up rinses away, letting you plan your next big entrance! AVAILABLE IN: Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Blonde and Red .

[ Pictured Below ] the left photo shows my hair right after applying the Keratin Conditioner and the right photo shows how my hair looked after I combed the conditioner through. My curls really liked the conditioner, I actually think it might do well as a leave-in and I may try that the next time I wear it curly. After rinsing out the conditioner I applied the Q-Oil to my damp hair before styling. 

[ Pictured Above ] The left pic is right after I blow dried and the right picture shows my final results after flat ironing. 

Glow: One of the first things that immediately got my attention was the scent! I could literally smell the shampoo & conditioner before even removing them from the box. These products smell sooo good, and it's very subtle and not in the least bit overwhelming. After using the products and styling, my hair was incredibly soft and bouncy. I loved that there were no flyaway strands and my hair was really smooth. The Quench Essential Oil is definitely my favorite out of the set. It sorta reminds me of Moroccan Oil except the consistency and formula is much lighter. It has a really pleasantly fresh smell as well and most importantly it doesn't weigh my hair down!

Glare: The shampoo was rather difficult to lather. I found that a tad annoying because I felt like I couldn't spread it throughout my hair like i'm accustomed to doing with most shampoos. But, the product does note that it's designed to perform that way. It says that it creates less lather that ultimately results in a deeper cleansing. The shampoo is formulated to be used in tandem with the Keratin Conditioner. So the texture of your hair will feel different because the shampoo prepares it for the moisturizing benefits of the conditioner.

Would I Recommend It? I would, I'm very pleased with my results. My hair looks and feels wonderful. I've done my hair twice so far with this set and the outcome of my hair has remained consistent both times. I didn't try the hair make-up yet b/c I'm not sure whether or not i'm gamed for that quite yet lol.

Overall Glam: One thing that I want to mention is that I love reading reviews to get a feel of other people's experiences with products that I might've tried or intend to try. So I stumbled across a couple of Andre Walker reviews online and I've gotta say that I was really surprised at what some of them had to say about the products. A lot of the reviews were saying that they did not have favorable results. I found it interesting because I've had such a totally different experience with the products. With all honesty I will say that I do see how one would be apprehensive about the shampoo because a shampoo that doesn't really lather is just odd and there's no way of escaping the awkwardness of it. But like all new products I also think it's best to READ all instructions, follow directions and make no assumptions before doing so. It's really the only way to ensure that you receive the maximum results possible for you. And most importantly you have to have an understanding that everything is not going to deliver the same results for everybody, every time. I don't care how much a product may rave or boast about being designed for "every one " the truth is, it's just not. No matter how many success or failure stories you hear there will ALWAYS be someone who experienced the opposite. I said all that to say that some things you just have to experience for yourself before assuming it will or won't work for you and I'm SO glad that I did because I love it ! Bottom line it works for me and I will definitely continue to use it. Is it at the the top of my list of go-to products ? Probably not, but it's definitely a contender.

** To purchase or to learn more about Andre Walker please visit www.andrewalkerhair.com .

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27 January 2011

Nicole by OPI | Justin Bieber " One Less Lonely Girl " Collection | Review + Swatches

Justin Bieber fans, rejoice! Nicole by OPI has joined forces with the 16 year-old multi-platinum selling singing sensation to introduce The One Less Lonely Girl Collection. Inspired by the superstar’s hit songs and larger-than-life persona, the collection will launch with six new Nicole by OPI Nail Lacquer shades available exclusively at Walmart for Holiday 2010. Subsequently, Nicole by OPI will unveil eight more Nail Lacquer shades for The One Less Lonely Girl Collection, available beginning in January 2011 at Walmart and in February 2011 at select Target, Sears, Ulta and other retail locations.

“We are thrilled to team up with such a widely beloved singer who has made major waves in pop culture,” says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, Nicole by OPI’s Vice President & Artistic Director. “The colors in the collection are modeled after the upbeat and emotive nature of Justin’s songs, as well as his own unrivaled energy.”

The first six new Nicole by OPI Nail Lacquers in The One Less Lonely Girl Collection include:

One Less Lonely Glitter
This pale purple is a total keeper.

Prized Possession Purple
This vibrant grape demands a shelf of its own.

Give Me the First Dance
Take a number! Everyone wants this sexy silver.

Me + Blue
A metallic deep blue that’s just perfect for you.

You have to see this metallic red to be-lieb it!

Step 2 the Beat of My Heart
Take the lead with this heart-filled hue.

So far what I love about this collection is that it consists of colors that aren't overly girly which is a pleasant surprise! My favorites out of the six are One less lonely Glitter and Step 2 The Beat Of My Heart. I adore the sparkles in One Less Lonely Glitter and that the lilac purple is paired with a few silver tones. Step 2 The Beat Of My Heart is an automatic winner because the hearts are so unique and can be worn alone or coupled on top of any other shade.

Availability: These shades are currently available at Walmart & Target.

Price: Retails for $7-8.50 a bottle.

** To learn more about this collection or to find retailers near you please visit www.opi.com . Stay tuned for part 2 of this collection!

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Kate Somerville | ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment | Review + Photos

Kate Somerville is the creator and director of Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts, which is a renowned medi-skin clinic in Los Angeles. The Kate Somerville skincare line is a complete collection of products aimed to focus on restoring the health of all skin types and various skin conditions.

ExfoliKate " Intensive Exfoliating Treatment " is one of Kate's most admired and best selling products to date. Using a dual action exfoliation method, ExfoliKate treatment works both physically and enzymatically to deliver safe, dramatic results instantly.

Ingredients: Water Lactic Acid, Polyethylene, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth 20, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Pectin, Carica Papaya Fruit, Lactobacillus/Cucurbita Pepo Fruit Ferment Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Papain, Bromelain, Tocopheryl Acetate, Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Beta Carotene, Honey, Acetic Acid, Geranium Maculatum Oil, Pogostemon Cablin Oil, Aniba Rosaedora(Rosewood) Wood Oil, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Oil, Cinnamomum Cassia Leaf Oil, Salicylic Acid, Chlorophyllin-Copper Complex, Dehydroxanthan Gum, Cetyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Cinnamaldehyde, Potassium Sorbate, Ethanol, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben.

It's Green !! 

And the smell is reminiscent of an herbal grassy meadow. It's very pleasant. 

The directions instruct you to apply a thin even layer to dampened skin and to spread using a circular motion for about 30 seconds. Then you should leave it on for a maximum of 2 minutes and rinse.

Glow: Whew! Ok, I don't even know where to begin. I'll just start by saying that I've tried a LOT of skincare products over the years and NONE have even come close in comparison to this one. The product in this small tube packs a powerful punch and the surreal part is that I could tell a noticeable difference in my skin after just one use. While applying the exfoliant for the first time I noticed the small grainy like texture of the product. I have extremely sensitive skin and this was very gentle. It's basically like a cleanser/scrub all in one. After rinsing off the exfoliant I used a liquid facial soap also formulated for sensitive skin to remove whatever residue was left from the scrub then I applied a light lotion. I could immediately tell a huge difference. My pores appeared smaller, my complexion looked brighter and my skin was SOOOO smooth! I've only used this product a total of 4 times within a 2 week period and that's one of the main things that I love about it, you only need to use it about twice a week and the results are still breathtaking! I literally can't stop looking at and touching my face, I feel like I have NEW skin lol.

Glare: Well I have to state the obvious. The price could definitely be an eyebrow raiser to those who are skeptical about dishing out $85 for an exfoliant. At only 2oz the tube is fairly small. The largest size they offer is a 5oz " luxury size"which retails for $175 ( ouch ) But with all honesty, I think it's REALLY worth it. I can only base my opinion from my personal experience, as to everyones skin is different and reacts differently. It's worked wonders for me and in such a short amount of time, which is why i'm completely sold. Even though it's small, the consistency of the product is really rich & plentiful so you really don't need to use a whole lot of it and at the rate i'm going I could definitely see it lasting for at least 2 months if not more. Also, the first time I used the exfoliant there was a slight tingle but it went away with my follow up uses and it did not irritate my skin at all.

Would I Recommend It? Yes! I've already recommended it to my sister, my mother & my bff! My sister told me that she can definitely see a difference, I have super oily skin and she noticed that my complexion looked radiant and oil free! One of the most favorable compliments I've received since using Exfolikate completely caught me off guard. I was at a local drug store and I asked for someone's opinion about a foundation shade that I wanted to try and she asked me what kind of makeup was I currently wearing. I kindly informed her that I wasn't wearing any makeup and she surprisingly drops her mouth open and says " You're not wearing any makeup? Are you serious ? You have gorgeous skin! ". Needless to say that I was gleaming from ear to ear :o) That's truly one of the best compliments that anyone can EVER give me! I ended up putting that foundation right back on the shelf lol. I mean who really needs makeup when you've found the key to having glowing, radiant and healthy skin!

Overall Glam: Bottom line, it works! And it really boils down to whether or not you're willing to spend a little bit extra to get the maximum results that you deserve. I could go on & on about how much I've fallen in love with this scrub but I think everyone owes it to themselves to at least give it a try once. You get the luxuries of a spa experience at home, right at your fingertips. Kate Somerville's skincare line is conveniently available at Sephora! I'll definitely be checking out the selection the next time I make a trip there.

**To purchase or to learn more about Kate Somerville please visit www.katesomerville.com .

Have you you tried ExfoliKate or any other products by Kate Somerville before ? Did you love them ? Let me know your experiences with the products.

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26 January 2011

L’Oréal | Infallible Le Rouge 10 HR Lipstick | Review + Swatches + Photos

Say goodbye to the era of dry lips from long-wear lipstick. Introducing L’Oréal Paris Infallible Le Rouge, a new collection of conditioning, comfortable and easy-to-apply lip color that delivers 10 hours of fresh, vibrant wear.

Redefine Your Lipstick Experience:
The easy one-step formula introduces Color Fix technology, patented flexible new polymers that offer greater adhesion and true color that won't flake or fade. Formula with Vitamin E and Ceramide 5 provides a healthy shine instead of the dreaded dryness characteristically associated with some long-wear color. Thirty different tones within a wide range of color families - from reds, pinks and plums to mauves, corals and browns - ensure every woman can find a shade that is uniquely "her".

Enduring Berry #130
I really like this color because it translates as a really soft pink against my dark lips. I think this shade could soften up any makeup look!
Refined Ruby #337
Talk about vibrant! This is a truly bold shade of red that captivates with minimum effort. It's sexy & seductive, perfect for the girl who just likes to be seen ;o) 

Tender Berry #519
It has similarities to #130 but It's more of a pale/powdery pink. The color gives off a mod-chic kinda feel. I've gotta admit that it's not one of my favorites and not exactly what I expected from this color, but you never really know whether or not a shade will compliment you until you try it on.

Persistent Plum #737
Definitely my favorite out of the four! Kind of a mute plum/red color. It's subtle & sophisticated and seems very versatile in terms of a night or day look!

Glow: Your eyes aren't deceiving you, these lipsticks are really that glossy and highly pigmented! Unlike most lipsticks that have the tendency to dry your lips out, these kept me moisturized all day! I also love that the consistency of each shade was rich and creamy. They provided full even coverage and kept their vibrancy throughout the majority of the day. After the lipstick sets & dries completely I noticed that I was able to place my fingertips across my lips without any color rubbing off, which is a huge plus!

Glare: The only thing I noticed is that a couple of the shades slightly differed in terms of how it looks in the tube verses when you actually apply it to your lips. It's definitely not a bad thing b/c the shades were brighter than I thought they'd be which is ok! Also, i'm not really sure about the whole 10 hr wear thing, I wore it for a few hours and touched it up once. I'll keep you all posted on the results when I wear it through an entire day!

Would I Recommend It? Are you kidding me? Yes! I've fallen in LOVE with this lipstick b/c it's one of the first one's I've tried that don't dry your lips out and are vibrant enough to wear alone without a gloss!

Overall Glam: Definitely worth a try! I honestly don't think anyone could be displeased with these lipsticks. Especially with such a huge selection of 30 different shades. I am truly pleasantly surprised at how comfortable & great these lipsticks feel on my lips!

** L’Oréal's Infallible Le Rouge 10 HR Lipstick currently retails for $9.95 ( price may vary depending on location ) To learn more or to find a location near you please visit www.lorealparisusa.com .

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25 January 2011

Jimmy Choo Introduces First Fragrance

Imagine femininity, luxury, and style...bottled. Introducing Jimmy Choo, the fragrance. Launching early 2011, this debut is an essential extension of the Jimmy Choo lifestyle and an integral element in fully acessorizing the Jimmy Choo woman. With its green top note, heart note of Tiger Orchid, and base note of Toffee and sensual Indonesian patchouli, this is a scent comprising equal measures of female empowerment and elegance, one that evokes glamour, confidence, desire and refined sexuality, all encased in a precious faceted bottle inspired by the opulence of Murano glass. In short, this is a fragrance for women with a sense of fashion and a taste of luxury.

Tamara Mellon, OBE, Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Jimmy Choo oversees the creative vision of the Jimmy Choo brand.
Fragrance has always been part of my vision for Jimmy Choo. To fully extend the Jimmy Choo lifestyle, enveloping a woman with the sensuality and essence of the brand. I have always loved wearing perfume; it is part of my identity. Now to create a signature fragrance for Jimmy Choo expressing an aura of strength and beauty is my ultimate dream.             - Tamara Mellon

Who better to express the Jimmy Choo woman than Tamara herself? She embodies the style, confidence and dynamism of the Jimmy Choo woman. As a mother, style icon and business woman, her world evokes the essence of the Jimmy Choo brand with its focus on luxury and style.

The Range Includes:

                           - Eau de Parfum    Natural Spray         100ml   $95
                           - Eau de Parfum    Natural Spray           60ml   $70
                           - Eau de Parfum    Natural Spray           40ml   $45

                             - Eau de Parfum    Body Lotion           150ml
                            - Eau de Parfum    Shower Gel            150ml

For more product information & availability please visit www.jimmychoo.com .


24 January 2011

Glow Girl "Apothica" Giveaway | Winner Announcement !!

Congratulations to the winner of our Glow Girl Giveaway!


You've won a  $25 Gift Card courtesy of Apothica. Please make sure to save SkinCareRx as a contact in your email box so that they don't go to the Spam/Junk Mail folder. You'll receive an email from me shortly regarding the details. Failure to respond within 48 hours will result in another winner being selected. Thank you to all who participated, we appreciate our followers and readers! Giveaways are our way of saying THANK YOU. Check back soon for more!

Special Thanks to the awesome people over at Apothica.


20 January 2011

Serena Williams " Glam Slam " Nail Polish by OPI | Review + Swatches

OPI, the world’s leading professional nail care company, partners with tennis superstar, Serena Williams, to launch the Glam Slam collection. Timed in conjunction with the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open, the Glam Slam collection will introduce two new Nail Lacquers at the start of each tournament.

Beginning with the Australian Open, the first shades to be released under the collaboration will include Simply Smashing, a glowing green Nail Lacquer, paired with a revolutionary new product, Black Shatter™. Once applied to the dried Nail Lacquer, the product begins to disappear, leaving behind a leopard print-style pattern on each nail.

“Everyone knows that I’ve always loved fashion and design, but they might not know that I’m manic about my nails. That’s why I’m super excited to partner with OPI to create my Glam Slam Collection. And on top of that, I am well on my way to receiving my nail technician license. Working with OPI is really a dream come true.” - Serena Williams

Simply Smashing
A glowing green/gold with shimmer

Black Shatter
A deep, asphalt black with a " shattered" texture

Glow: I've truly fallen in love with both of these polishes as a pair. While the Shimmery green/gold is beautiful worn alone, the black shatter polish transforms your nails into a glitzy & unique design. They definitely compliment one another. I was really amazed while watching the polish shatter & crackle within seconds. It also dries with a matte finish.

Glare: The only thing I noticed is that the black shatter does take a bit longer to dry completely. I didn't use a top coat so I'll see if that makes a different next time.

Would I Recommend It? Yes!!  You can get salon nails at home, complete with a design! There's nothing I like more than a Do It Yourself manicure :o)

Overall Glam: The Glam Slam collection will be introduced in pairs of two complementary hues that coincide with each of the four major tournaments, beginning with the Australian Open in January 2011, and will include launches in May 2011 for the French Open, June 2011 for Wimbledon and August 2011 for the US Open.

The Glam Slam Collection by OPI will be available beginning January 2011, with subsequent launches in May, June and August. Suggested retail for each Nail Lacquer is $8.50 . For more information, please visit www.opi.com

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