18 January 2011

Are The Ppl Behind @MixedChicks Twitter Really That Dumb ? You Be The Judge...

* Sigh *

If you're a follower of this blog, then you know that it's a rarity that we engage in controversial topics or anything that's not a reflection of positivity & of substance. My apologies in advance, but this is one of those times where ignorance could not be ignored...

A few days ago, the noted company Mixed Chicks made a very contentious statement via Twitter that left a lot of their followers a little more than heated.  If your'e not familiar with the brand, they are a natural hair care company that specializes in products for naturally curly hair types.

Being a natural girl myself, I definitely took offense to the statement. I've been an avid supporter of the company for a few years now and have even recommended their products to friends. Which is why #teamlightskinned something that may seem very trivial to some, just doesn't sit too well with me. And according to the overwhelming replies they received in response to that tweet, I am not alone.

I'm just going to state the obvious. " Mixed Chicks ", the name of this company alone has always sort of put them in a one dimensional type of category. But honestly, I never had a problem with their name because it's their brand, it's how they create their identity. I always saw beyond the name and being a dark skinned African American woman, I never once felt like their products weren't for me.

Until now...

Maybe I was naive but I was always under the impression that Mixed Chick's products were ultimately for ALL women with curly hair. I guess I was wrong. Now, whether or not it was their intent to come across the way they did they sure didn't make a notable attempt to clear things up in a professional fashion. After the damage had been done instead of taking a moment to reflect they immediately decided to engage & defend.

Then came the apology...

I'm sorry, but I need a moment before I can fully digest that " apology ".
I'm not gonna lie...

my initial reaction was...

then I was like....

which naturally ended in...

Get my drift yet? 

All I can say is that it's really disappointing, that type of primitive thinking still goes on. " Shadism " may not be a real word but it's definitely a REALity. The underlining fact is that it's discriminative and UNACCEPTABLE. And If there's any brand that feels this way, I will not support it. Now while none of us really know who's actually behind Mixed Chicks twitter account nor if the creators of the company even know about the incident or share the same feelings. What I do know is that I will never buy a product from the brand again. EVER. It just blows me how companies who deem themselves as " professional " can so easily end up a PR's nightmare in the midst of one tweet or 140 characters.

Moral of my rant, choose your words wisely in ALL situations.

 "Thoughts contrary to the Word make mischief in your heart.Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks". - Luke 6:45

What are your thoughts? Will you still support the brand ? I want to hear from you!

[ P.S. ] Be sure to check out our Girls With Curls series here that highlight reputable companies with great products for natural hair! :o)


  1. Go head!

    & LOL @ Whitney!!'

    & I'm sure they meant what they tweeted...that apology was bland and very generic. Of course they will serve all races and colors, bc they want the $$.

  2. Wow! Really unbelievable, I've never bought their products and probably won't. Like you mentioned, it may not have been their intent but it sure comes across that way.

  3. Smh! After MLK day too...that is so ignorant! I'm glad you brought this to our attention. It shouldn't be about race! I've never purchased any of their products, and certainly won't now. Great post, thank you!


  4. Why a company would engage in any trending topic that does not include their name or the name of their product to begin with baffled me. I don't believe they meant any harm, but that was really dumb.

  5. Nice post.Thank you for sharing some good things!!

  6. That Whitney eye roll is CLASSIC!!!!!

    I am not a MixedChicks products user but that hashtag is very unprofessional. Doubtful I would recommend their products now though...


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