01 March 2011

China Glaze | Crackle Nail Lacquer Collection | Swatches + Review

The infamous "crackle" polish! So we were first introduced to OPI's " Black Shatter " nail lacquer a few weeks ago and the whole " crackle effect " concept has been creating quite a frenzy in the beauty world. China Glaze is giving OPI and other companies some swift competition with their current release of " Crackle Glaze " which features a collection of 6 new colors. 

As you could've guessed, along with that frenzy these polishes have been selling like crazy and selling out FAST! I was lucky enough to find the whole set available at www.head2toebeauty.com about a week or so ago. They are already sold out!  ( Big thanks to Christy from soleintuition.com for the heads up) Check out each color and my thoughts, below.

Lightning Bolt 
Paired with Orly Basket Case

A white crackle. I actually love this one more than I thought I would. The results came out better than I had anticipated.

Broken Hearted
Paired with Misa The Grass is Greener on my Side

A pink crackle. In this case the name truly speaks for itself, it definitely left me heart broken.  This was my least favorite out of all 6 colors. I don't know where to even start! This was my 3rd attempt to get a decent look but I still think it failed miserably. I'm not sure why but no matter how thin of a coat I used, it just refused to shatter correctly and came out thick and lumpy :o( 

Crushed Candy
Paired with China Glaze Ingrid

A blue crackle. Another pleasant surprise. I wish I could've paired it with a better color but you get the picture :o)

Black Mesh
Paired with Misa Hanging With The Girls

A black crackle. Girls, you CAN'T go wrong with black! It's impossible. It's probably the only one thats most reminiscent of OPI's black shatter. It's a tad thicker but it still shatters just as beautiful. 

Cracked Concrete
Paired with Misa Push Up Bra

A grey crackle. This color is like a traditional grey and another one of my favorites out of the six. It was one of the easier one's to crackle and I got it the way I wanted on the first try. 

Fault Line
Paired with Lil' Bling Diamonds & Pearls

A purple crackle. I was sooooo hesitant as to how I felt about this one at first. But the more I looked at it the more it grew on me. It sorta came out like zebra stripes and I'm really digging it. ( Please excuse the messy cuticles. I was pretty lazy at this point lol ) Also, my camera really doesn't do this color a whole lot of justice. It's way more vibrant in person.

Glow: Variety! It's to my understanding that OPI will release more colors of their " Shatter " polishes in the future but right now China Glaze is giving us variety and I LOVE it ! There are so many endless possibilities of color combinations with these which makes them the current contender.

Glare: The huge downside for me is that the consistency in every color is not the same. And I really don't understand why. Some shades crackle easier than others and some are a PAIN. I'm not sure if the formula's for each color is different but the inconsistency is annoying. However it's not a deal breaker, because with a little bit of patience and persistence you can ultimately get the effect you want.

Would I Recommend It? Yes, I most definitely think it's worth a try!

Overall Glam: I absolutely LOVE the concept of all of these. But I had to ask myself the question of if I'd none hestiantly jump and buy these again when I run out? And honestly I don't think I will :o(  Don't get me wrong they are are ADORABLE but I could see myself being over the hype in no time lol. So, have you tried any of these ? What are your thought ? I want to hear from you!

** Your local Sally's should carry these for about $6.50. I only saw the grey one available on their website but here are a few sites that I've seen carry them. Most of these site sell them @ half the price, which is a steal! So if you see them in stock hurry and order them and if not check back frequently as they all restock.

www.nailetc.com (still in stock)

Product(s) in this post were purchased by me. 


  1. thank you SO much for posting links! it's annoying that China Glaze's website doesn't provide a list of retailers and you can't buy them online from Sally's. It says there in store only and of the course the stores around me said they wouldn't be getting the collection in.

  2. @KKASIE19 you're welcome! I agree I don't understand why they make us have to search high & low for their products. Especially the one's that are in high demand, they definitely should provide a list of retailers!

  3. You can buy them at Sallybeautysupply.com jus go to the search tab type in china glaze crackle nail polish it will show a grey bottle of it but u can choose a color you want there cheaper if you jus buy them at a sallys store


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