12 January 2011

Girls With Curls | Create Lasting Curls with "SLiQWD" by LiQWD | Review

I know it's been a minute since I've done a post in this series but I'm here to make peace and start the new year off right :o) In case you forgot or you're not familiar with it, Girls With Curls is a series here on GTG where I share my journey to find great products for girls with naturally curly hair. 

Allow me to introduce you to " SLiQWD " by LiQWD. It's a unique styling serum that's designed to create two radically different looks. It gives you the options of sleek and smooth hair for a sophisticated style or finger tousled or diffused, that produces flowing waves for a fun and flirty finish. Whatever the style, SLiQWD works overtime to keep hair heat-safe and maintain maximum color brilliance. 

Along with the SLiQWD I was sent a sample of LiQWID's Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner. OMG they smell SOOO good! I'll definitely be purchasing these! I used these to wash & condition my hair before applying the styling serum.

This is how my hair looked after using SLiQWD and allowing it to dry completely.

Glow: I had curls the next day! Let me tell you, by no means am I a "cute" sleeper. I've tried to sleep cute before to maintain styles but it just never works per my favor :o) Needless to say I show no mercy to scarves & head wraps throughout the night. ( They usually end up on the floor ) I slept on my bare curls and when I woke up they still looked the same!!! All I had to do was tousle my hair a little bit and I was set for the day.

Glare: I noticed that it does get kinda sticky once it dries and my hair had a little crunch to it. ( It was easy to wash out though ) Nothing major but my hair wasn't as soft as it could've been. The next time I use it, i'm going to see how it does on top of a leave in conditioner. Also, my hair got a tad frizzy it could be b/c I diffused it instead of letting it air dry but I'll be testing that again as well and will keep you all posted on the results!

Would I Recommend It? Yes, so far this has been the only styling product I've used for curly hair where I resulted in next day hair that still looked the same! Other products required me to reapply to keep my curls looking fresh.

Overall Glam: It's a good styling product. I was extremely pleased with the lasting effect it had on my hair. Definitely a keeper and ideal for styling, especially when you don't have a lot of time to style your hair daily!

* SLiQWD currently retails at $28. To purchase or to learn more please visit www.liqwd.com .

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