26 January 2011

L’Oréal | Infallible Le Rouge 10 HR Lipstick | Review + Swatches + Photos

Say goodbye to the era of dry lips from long-wear lipstick. Introducing L’Oréal Paris Infallible Le Rouge, a new collection of conditioning, comfortable and easy-to-apply lip color that delivers 10 hours of fresh, vibrant wear.

Redefine Your Lipstick Experience:
The easy one-step formula introduces Color Fix technology, patented flexible new polymers that offer greater adhesion and true color that won't flake or fade. Formula with Vitamin E and Ceramide 5 provides a healthy shine instead of the dreaded dryness characteristically associated with some long-wear color. Thirty different tones within a wide range of color families - from reds, pinks and plums to mauves, corals and browns - ensure every woman can find a shade that is uniquely "her".

Enduring Berry #130
I really like this color because it translates as a really soft pink against my dark lips. I think this shade could soften up any makeup look!
Refined Ruby #337
Talk about vibrant! This is a truly bold shade of red that captivates with minimum effort. It's sexy & seductive, perfect for the girl who just likes to be seen ;o) 

Tender Berry #519
It has similarities to #130 but It's more of a pale/powdery pink. The color gives off a mod-chic kinda feel. I've gotta admit that it's not one of my favorites and not exactly what I expected from this color, but you never really know whether or not a shade will compliment you until you try it on.

Persistent Plum #737
Definitely my favorite out of the four! Kind of a mute plum/red color. It's subtle & sophisticated and seems very versatile in terms of a night or day look!

Glow: Your eyes aren't deceiving you, these lipsticks are really that glossy and highly pigmented! Unlike most lipsticks that have the tendency to dry your lips out, these kept me moisturized all day! I also love that the consistency of each shade was rich and creamy. They provided full even coverage and kept their vibrancy throughout the majority of the day. After the lipstick sets & dries completely I noticed that I was able to place my fingertips across my lips without any color rubbing off, which is a huge plus!

Glare: The only thing I noticed is that a couple of the shades slightly differed in terms of how it looks in the tube verses when you actually apply it to your lips. It's definitely not a bad thing b/c the shades were brighter than I thought they'd be which is ok! Also, i'm not really sure about the whole 10 hr wear thing, I wore it for a few hours and touched it up once. I'll keep you all posted on the results when I wear it through an entire day!

Would I Recommend It? Are you kidding me? Yes! I've fallen in LOVE with this lipstick b/c it's one of the first one's I've tried that don't dry your lips out and are vibrant enough to wear alone without a gloss!

Overall Glam: Definitely worth a try! I honestly don't think anyone could be displeased with these lipsticks. Especially with such a huge selection of 30 different shades. I am truly pleasantly surprised at how comfortable & great these lipsticks feel on my lips!

** L’Oréal's Infallible Le Rouge 10 HR Lipstick currently retails for $9.95 ( price may vary depending on location ) To learn more or to find a location near you please visit www.lorealparisusa.com .

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  1. I've always loved the loreal lippies, these look great. They have a lot of amazing colors.

  2. wowww the last one looks so gorgeous cant wait to get that :)


  3. Awesome review. Thanks for the pics! I agree...Persistent Plum looks best on you! I bought way too many of these lipsticks. At least this line has a great selection of colors.


  4. Bought the L'Oreal 10 hr. lipstick...does NOT last even a few minutes! Taking it back!


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