18 February 2011

Arbonne | Aromassentials " Unwind " Sea Salt Scrub | Review

Imagine stepping into a hot shower after a long & tiring day. The only thing on your mind is escaping your racing thoughts and letting your surroundings transform into an atmosphere of sole relaxation. The water from the shower poetically streams against your bare skin, reminiscent of a tropical waterfall and you have now entered into an exotic realm right inside your bathroom. Destination, unknown. Then you realize there's just one thing missing...

Arbonne's Aromassentials Sea Salt Scrub is the perfect remedy towards rejuvenation. Formulated with essential oils and blended with seas salts that slough away dead surface cells revealing brighter, healthier-looking skin.

Glow: I've gotta start by saying that I've always been a fan of aromatheraputic products and scents. Arbonne's sea salt scrub in " Unwind " has a very calming scent. It's serene and between the combination of the scent and the oils it stimulates your senses leaving you feeling refreshed. I love that this scrub is sort of a two in one. While the sea salts scrubbed away dead skin the oils worked as a penetrating moisturizer. After stepping out of the shower there was no need for me to put on an additional moisturizer because my skin felt incredibly soft and hydrated.

Glare: The only thing I noticed is that it can get a little messy if you're not careful. And you definitely have to take precautions if you're using this in the shower because the oils could cause surfaces to become slippery.

Would I Recommend It? Yes, I really like it. I know there are a lot of scrubs out there but this one combined with aromatherapy REALLY stands out to me.

Overall Glam: It's relaxing and also plays a vital part in renewing your skin. Arbonne's Aromassentials Collection has various products to choose from including; Body Lotion, Body Mist and a Shower Gel. It also comes in a variety of scents. The Sea Salt Scrub currently retails for $28.

* To purchase or to learn more about Arbonne please visit www.theexperience.myarbonne.com

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