08 February 2011

The Lip Facial | 4 Tips To Get Back Those Kissable Lips by Valentines Day!

Let's face it, we've all witnessed or have experienced first hand how ugly, uncomfortable and embarrassing,  deprived lips can be! Whether your lips are suffering from the Winter Weather Blues or just need a little TLC don't panic because I've got a few tips to get them back in tip top shape just in time for Valentines Day ;o)

1. Don't Avoid Your Lips - I personally just realized how important it is to make your lips a part of your daily face routine. I was recently chit chatting with one of my fave twitter friends @JeanetteLanier . I mentioned to her how I found it difficult to keep lipsticks and glosses to stay on my lips and how the color would dissipate towards the middle. And she asked me if I had tried a lip facial before. So of course I was like " A lip WHAT ? " lol. Come to find out, I had been avoiding my lips every single time I applied a facial cleanser, mask or exfolient. The key to maintaining healthy lips is to care for them just as you would the rest of your face.

2. Protect - The skin on your lips is one of the most delicate areas on your face. They can easily be irritated by foods, products, climate etc. I can't stress enough how important it is to keep a lip moisturizer handy at all times. A good moisturizer not only protects but also promotes healing. All chapsticks are NOT created equally! Look for lip balms that are formulated specifically for your needs. If you have dry, cracked or peeling lips, look for a lip balm thats rich in vitamins and natural oils. Aloe softens lips while petroleum and beeswax seals moisture.

3. No Licking! - As sexy as LL Cool J has made that trademark lip lick of his look, it can still be very harmful to the health of your lips. Saliva is only a temporary fix and can quickly dry your lips out. Our lips contain a natural moisture and licking them kinda counteracts it and evaporates which leads to drier deprived lips.

4. Be Selective - Reading the ingredients of products needs to become a habit of every woman who uses cosmetics. While it may look pretty, it may not be that beneficial to the health of your lips.
The main ingredient you want to watch out for is alcohol. Matte and long-lasting lipsticks usually contain types of alcohol, which tends to strip natural moisture away from your lips as it evaporates. Since alcohol is such an essential ingredient in lipstick, some manufacturers have begun to use alcohol derived from plants that act as emollients, like lanolin. Other lipsticks and glosses are designed to double as lip balms and contain many of the same ingredients as a traditional lip balm, like beeswax or aloe. If you can find a lipstick that also contains a SPF of 15 or more, you're all set. [ Source ]

The D.I.Y ( Do It Yourself ) Lip Facial 

This pretty much corresponds with everything above. Remember like I mentioned in Tip #1 don't avoid your lips. You can either include them with your entire face routine or you can do them separately.

Much like your face you want to make sure to have a fresh start. Use a liquid cleanser or soap & water.

Removing old products from your lips exposes fresh skin. Remember lips are a sensitive area so be sure to use an exfoliant formulated for sensitive skin.

This is optional but just an extra step to alleviate your lips from all impurities.

Buffing your lips not only promotes circulation but also intensifies the softness!

Before applying lip balm, gloss or lipstick it's a good idea to prep & condition your lips by applying a light lotion or moisturizer.

 Try These Products 

The Lip Slip " Lip Scrub " by Sara Happ
$24 | www.bathandbodyworks.com
- Infused with deep, buttery chocolate notes and a sweet hint of vanilla cream cheese frosting
- Eliminates dry, flaky skin to leave lips ridiculously soft and supple
- No rinsing required; simply wipe off with a tissue
- Allows any lip product to last longer and wear better (exfoliated skin is always the best start)

Buff-Puff Facial Sponge
$5.99 | Walgreens
- Lifts off dry, dulling skin cells
- Gently cleanses away makeup, dirt and excess oil
- Leaves skin smooth and soft, perfectly prepped for moisturizers, makeup, and sunless tanning

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