03 February 2011

Wet N Wild | Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio " Knock On Wood " | Review + Photos

I've REALLY been wanting to try these trios for a while now! Mainly because I've seen so many bloggers and Youtuber's RAVE about this eyeshadow. I've always liked Wet N Wild's products but I just never got around to venturing off into their eyeshadow's, until now. I was really excited when I found out that they recently introduced six new color combinations. One of the other reasons that I wanted to try this particular trio is because it screams SIMPLICITY to a newbie like me! It tells you which colors to put where and that should be a piece of cake, right ? Well, I bought " Knock On Wood " which seemed like the best choice at the time since all of the good colors were gone :o(

Knock On Wood

Glow: LOVE the concept of these. Each shadow is labeled Eyelid, Crease & Browbone which is designed to take the guess work out of where and how to apply each shade! I think it's really ideal for beginners like me. They are also extremely affordable, at $2.99 a piece they're practically giving these babies away. So you owe it to yourself to at least try it out if you haven't already. 

Glare: Weeeellllll..... * runs fingernails down chalkboard * They aren't very pigmented. Which I've gotta be honest and say that I kinda expected that. And the weird thing to me is that some of the Youtube tutorial's that I've seen using these trios make it look SO easy!! * side eye * So I'm just assuming that's because they're just that good at applying makeup and they have the ability to make anything look fab lol. Anywho...as far as pigmentation, maybe it's the color I chose ( who knows ) but it wasn't really hitting on much. It was also really chalky which made it difficult to blend. I used an eyeshadow base underneath so IDK. The final results looked kinda ashy to me * shrugs * 

Would I Recommend It? No. Ok Ok I think it's worth a try! Wet N Wild has always been kind of a hit or miss to me. And the thing isssss.... I still actually LIKE their products and I still want to try the 6 color palette next time. I've seen ppl swatch those and they LOOK really pigmented. So of course I'll review that too once I buy it. 

Overall Glam: Maybe I just don't get the hype but...it's really not all THAT :-/ Have you tried any of these? What were your thoughts or experience with them ? 

Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio | $2.99 | Walgreens

Product(s) in this post were purchased by me. 


  1. I actually have their 6pc palette "248 Lust" it's w/ the Puple and Greys... And I love it... I usually only purchase Mac but I was doing someone elses make-up and they had it and I had to get one for myself... I actually want to go and get their other 6pc palettes because I love the purple one so much...

  2. Hey Tam! :o) Yeah, I still plan on trying the 6pc palette b/c I've seen swatches and they appear to be way more pigmented. These shadows definitely seem to be a hit or miss but I definitely don't think I'll be trying another trio.

  3. I always want to try the Icon palettes but can never bring myself to do it. EVERY time I buy something "cheap" that everyone is raving about I always get disappointed with my results. Like you said, maybe those YouTubers are just that good at makeup that they make it look good LOL.

  4. As a newbie to the makeup game this is a great price point for someone experimenting plus they make it plain: browbone, crease, eyelid! I will def give them a try as I attempt to perfect my eye makeup game!


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