29 March 2011

Wet N Wild | Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette In " Lust " | Review + Photos

You may remember that review I did awhile back of my first experience with Wet N Wild Eyeshadows. In case you missed it you can check it out here. Well, it's no secret that my first impression of the WnW Trio left me a bit optimistic about whether or not I wanted to give their shadows another try. But I figured I at least owed it to myself to try WnW's 6 color palettes and to see how they compare to the trios. I'm so glad I did! 


Glow: They are nicely PIGMENTED !!! Which was a pleasant surprise because after trying the trio I honestly didn't expect much difference. But OHHH these are VERY different! I didn't have to pack on the shadow just to get a decent amount of color/coverage. I also noticed that these were EASIER to blend ( not the easiest ) but definitely easier :o)

Glare: The lighter colors ( pink/cream ) still seem to have that chalky texture which is a REAL pain. But on the bright side, I hardly use those colors * shrugs *

Would I Recommend It? Hell yeah! I mean they're inexpensive !!! And I would definitely recommend one of these palettes any day over the WnW Trio's, just based off of my experience with each.

Overall Glam: Now I'm not sure what the madness is behind the inconsistency between the different palettes not being of the same quality soooo I'm just going to rely on my theory that Wet n Wild is just one of those brands that's occasionally a hit or miss. Glad this time it worked in my favor :o)

Have you tried these palettes ? Which is your favorite ? 

Product(s) in this post were purchased by me. 


  1. These colors look so gorgeous on you!

    I always see this palette at the store & wasn't too sure about it, but after seeing you wear it, I definitely want to give it a try!

  2. I LOVE "Lust" from W&W.... I wish I would have purchased the other palettes... Unfortunately, I can't find this six piece palettes anymore =( But they are surprisingly very good... I haven't tried the three piece ones yet so we will see...


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