22 April 2011

Girls With Curls | Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel | Review

I've been quite skeptical for awhile now and debated whether or not I wanted to give the infamous Eco Styler Gel a try. After seeing so many natural girls rave about this gel, my curiosity finally got the best of me. I actually went to Target the other day with the sole intention of buying the Kinky Curly Curling Custard ( which I absolutely LOVE )  but unfortunately they were sold out of it! I mean those shelves were naked, I even asked if they had any in the back. No Luck!! :o(

I didn't really feel like trying another Target or going all the way to Whole Foods just to find it so I told myself that I'd search for it another day! Before heading home I stopped at my local beauty supply store to pick up a few items and guess what I stumbled across. Yep, a row full of Eco Styler. I grabbed the first one that caught my eye which was an 8oz container of clear green Olive Oil gel. And after seeing the $1.49 price tag, Baby I was SOLD!

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Glow: It doesn't flake!!! And to be honest that's the only thing that was hindering me from trying this gel a long time ago. True enough I've seen plenty of people praise Eco Styler but I've also heard the horror stories about it leaving your hair white & flaky! Thank God I didn't experience that!  It was super easy to apply and it didn't leave my hair sticky, dry or crunchy. I put a little Moroccanoil Hydrating Cream on my hair right before applying the gel because I wanted to ensure that my hair maintained it's moisture. Also after my hair dried completely, my curls looked really fluffy and felt soft!

Glare: Thumbs down to next day hair :o( I mean I still had curls but they weren't as full looking as they were on the first day. Honestly I don't think the product is to blame for that, I always have issues with next day hair and it's because of my texture. Let my beautician tell it I have " baby soft hair " lol. My hair is definitely soft and no matter WHAT I put in it, it stays that way! I mean I guess one can't really complain about having soft hair but hell it's really annoying because my hair can't hold a style for long!

Would I Recommend It? Um, Yeah! Um Hellooooo? They are basically GIVING this gel away! It's only $1.49, I can't even think of a product that I've bought that was so inexpensive. I think it's definitely worth a try for all curly girls.

Overall Glam: It's a decent, cheap alternative! I can definitely see myself purchasing it again. I still stand firm on my word that it's no replacement or comparison to my beloved Kinky Curly Curling Custard but it will surely take up residency on my product shelf! Final thoughts, I'm content.....for now.

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20 April 2011

Sweet Cheeks: 4 Honey Beauty Recipes

Photo Source: Getty Images

As much as I love being pampered, I’ve come to realize that treating myself to the spa can make for a very, well, sad wallet. I’d resigned myself to feeling just okay until I learned legendary heartbreaker Cleopatra’s secret to youthful, beautiful skin: honey.

1.  Honey contains antioxidants, which promote new cell growth, keeping skin youthful. This means that scars fade faster, too.

2.  Honey is humectant; it traps moisture from the air. Even oily and problem skin can benefit from this, since many products over-dry skin. This causes the pores to go into overdrive, producing more sebum (oil) and potentially more blemishes.

3.  Honey is antibacterial, especially darker varieties like Manuka honey which is made by bees that harvest the same bush from which we get tea tree oil. Honey cleans your skin while keeping it moist to promote healing. The ancient Greeks, Romans, and other cultures knew what they were doing when they used it to treat wounds.

A jar of honey at the grocery store often lasts longer and is cheaper than your average tube of face gunk. You can also feel like you’re doing your skin a favor; honey doesn’t contain any harmful parabens or ecotoxins, making it a cheap and clean beauty buy. Here are some honey beauty recipes to make your own bathroom feel like a spa.

Basic Honey Mask for All Skin Types
• 1 tbsp honey
• Optional drop of lavender or tea tree oil for troubled skin, chamomile oil for stressed skin

Wear this mask on a clean face for at least 10 minutes. Wash gently with lukewarm water. Although essential oils can initially be pricey, each drop goes a long way.

Honey Yogurt Exfoliating Scrub
The “exfoliants” you see in most commercial face masks are just little plastic microbeads that pile up on the ocean floor. Use ground oats or almonds and nature (and your wallet) will thank you.

• 2 tsp organic yogurt
• 2 tsp almond or oatmeal, pulsed in a food processor to a fine consistency
• 1 tsp honey

Combine ingredients and gently apply to your face. Massage—don’t scrub, which can irritate your skin and actually cause breakouts—and wash with lukewarm water.

Honey Hair Mask
• 2 tbsp honey
• 1 avocado, peeled and de-stoned

Mash the ingredients in a bowl and then apply to hair. Slap on a shower cap, read a book in the tub, and wash as usual 30 minutes later.

Cleopatra Bath
• ¼ cup honey
• 1 cup organic milk or cream

To make sure the honey mixes well with the bathwater, pour the honey and hot water into a cup or jar and stir until the two are thoroughly mixed. Pour it back into the bath with the milk or cream and enjoy.

This is a guest post from Alexis Bonari. Alexis Bonari is currently a resident blogger at College Scholarships, where recently she's been researching physics scholarship programs as well as chemistry scholarship programs. Whenever this WAHM gets some free time she enjoys doing yoga, cooking with the freshest organic in-season fare, and practicing the art of coupon clipping.

19 April 2011

Own The Look | Rihanna Rocks An Ezflow & IBD Moon Manicure

Photo Source: RihannaDaily.com 
For her show stopping performance of “California King Bed” on American Idol, Rihanna decided that she wanted a moon manicure with a just a little drama. So the night before her performance, celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees arrived at Rihanna’s house and went to work. She put down a layer of Ez Flow Gelez Buff (a subtle, shimmery nude gel polish) first and then added a vibrant coat of ibd Red Velvet Gelac (deep, shimmery maroon gel polish) on top. Rihanna absolutely loved the shade of red! She exclaimed that it was “gorgeous” when Kimmie opened up the bottle to show her the color. She kept her jewelry and accessories minimal and only wore statement rings to compliment her gel manicure.

Rihanna is a huge fan of gel polish, which Kyees uses on her all the time because it stays flawless for so long! They’re perfect for a girl who is always on the go, just like her.

Ez Flow has been an industry innovator for over twenty years. Ez Flow was the first to manufacture and distribute the French White Tip and the first to develop and market Colored Acrylics. Known worldwide as a competition brand pushing the envelope of technology and research, Ez Flow is committed to global education and professional development. Ez Flow is a division of American International Industries. For more information, visit: www.ezflow.com

IBD is committed to supporting today's salon professional and promotes excellence in nail care by offering comprehensive education and training to nail artists. Our educational program is a hands-on training program that enlightens nail professionals with up-to-date techniques, explains the science behind the products and describes ways to build business and profits. Taught by a highly trained ibd educator, each attendee will experience the incredible benefits of using ibd products. No odor and no dust - nail professionals discover the future of nail care in IBD's light activated systems, for a healthier and safer salon environment. For more information, visit: www.ibdbeauty.com


18 April 2011

Urban Decay Heats It Up With Summer 2011 Collection

Rollergirl Palette | $32
For the girl who works and plays hard - easy daytime neutrals, one vivid bright and a portable lip gloss ready for the office or an impromptu happy hour. With its sexy neutrals and captivating brights, this fun four-shadow palette can roll with you from the office right into your next hot date. Smoldering brown Darkhorse shadow was previously featured in the much sought after Naked Palette, and the coppery Suspect triumphed in the Book of Shadows. Verve is a pale oyster shimmer that also makes a great highlighter! Woodstock, a hot pink best-seller, is as perfect at the beach as it is at a bar. This tantalizing collection makes a great gift, and also comes with a Lip Junkie Lipgloss and a 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil.

15 Year Anniversary QuinceaƱera Makeup Bag | $26 
Spacious, fun and lined with a limited-edition 15-year anniversary logo! The three-sided zipper makes opening easy, and interior gussets hold your stash in. In honor of Urban Decay's big 15, here’s a makeup bag they named after the 15th birthday extravaganzas thrown for girls in Latin American cultures. Large but not huge, its open shape holds plenty of makeup. The interior features a clear zippered pocket for your most sacred items. A double gold zipper opens on three sides so you won’t spend forever rifling through your bag, and satin inserts keep your makeup from falling all over the place. You don’t have to be 15 and primping for the object of your desire to appreciate its sparkly purple-ness or cool 15-Year Anniversary ticking pattern on the lining, but whipping it out might make you feel as blissed out as if you were. It packs easily into just about any suitcase, so take it with you on your next adventure.

Lip Love | $16 
Show your lips some love with this nourishing tint. Vitamin C boosts collagen, natural oils replenish and the honey flavor is perfect for sharing with a special friend. If you’re looking for a product that will make your lips kissably soft while also feeling and tasting great, trust us when we say that this stuff is a whole lot of “ahhhhhhhhh yeah” in a tube. The smooooooooth feel and enticing honey flavor will inspire addiction in both you and your makeout partner, but that’s okay -- it’s good for you, so feel free to apply it liberally and often. Its healing powers come courtesy of a few ingredients that are rejuvenating heavy hitters. Antioxidant Vitamin C boosts collagen and evens out skin tone. Millet, Jojoba and Apricot Kernel Seed Oils work together as a powerful lip-healing trifecta to moisturize, replenish and promote cell turnover. The squeeze tube features a soft, wide-angled tip that applies color smoothly!

Rollergirl Nail Kit | $28
Sexy shimmer, shocking vibrancy and funky glitter – it’s all in this kit of 6 stunning, must-have shades (formulated without toluene, formaldehyde or DBP). Elevate your “at the office” look with Fame, Superfreak and Love Train, and then be amazed how sexy these arresting neutrals look when paired with your favorite cocktail dress and strappy heels. Miss T and Woodstock are striking brights that add an element of daring to both casual and nighttime looks, while Xanadu gives your nails a full-throttle dose of rockstar edge. (Wear Xanadu alone, or layer a coat of this dynamic purple glitter over your favorite nail polish to add texture and make it pop.)

Meltdown Makeup Remover | $24 
You love our longest-lasting products, but how do you take them off?! This nourishing formula will ensure that makeup removal doesn’t throw you into fits. Sometimes you need a makeup remover that’s as mighty as the most powerful products in your beauty arsenal, which is why we’ve created Meltdown! This stuff can take down our longest-lasting products, and it’s also good for your skin, too. Sea Fan Extract combats inflammation, while Beta Carotene (a source of Vitamin A) and Gatuline In-Tense (harvested from the South African Rain Forest Peekabo Plant) revitalize collagen production. Cranberry and Raspberry Seed Oils, along with Kukui Nut and Oat Oil, moisturize and replenish. The 2.5 oz. squeeze tube is easy to use, as well as small enough to take on an airplane (after a long grueling flight, you’ll be so glad you brought it with you).

Tinted Moisturizer | $30 
Urban Defense battles free radical damage and arms you with moisture, sheer coverage and SPF 20 in an squeeze tube. A must if you crave a bare, dewy look. Who says you can’t achieve a luminous, even-toned complexion without full-on foundation? Urban Defense gives you the sort of dewy radiance that usually only comes from a tryst in Fiji. The light-diffusing pigments in this wonder product diffuse the look of fines lines and wrinkles for a natural, youthful finish, while the buildable coverage it offers lets you wear it alone (great for warm weather) or under powder for a more polished look. This paraben and fragrance-free tinted moisturizer contains SPF 20, as well as a multi-mineral complex that battles free radical damage.

Baked Face and Body Bronzer | $26
Baked has a factory full of motherly Italian women to thank for its streak-free finish. But we’re not responsible for any Italian-style stares you attract. We’re all for the joys of baking - just never in the sun - which is why we created Baked Bronzer. Explore the tantalizing range of shades and finishes if your objective is alluring sun-kissed skin that looks totally natural! This super fine powder is baked on a terra cotta disc for 24 hours and then hand-finished by a factory full of motherly Italian women.

All products are currently available at www.urbandecay.com .


13 April 2011

Nail Junkie | OPI " Texas Collection " | Swatches + Review

Well I finally got around to swatching OPI's entire Texas Collection. It's a pretty large collection but of course it had to be to coincide perfectly with the state of Texas!  The collection features warm tones from honey and tangerine to dazzling hues of violet and sky blue. Check out each color below :o) 

Y'all Come Back Ya Hear?
This Texas tangerine will be waitin’ for ya!

Big Hair...Big Nails
A rosy pageant peach.

Guy Meets Gal-veston
An “engaging” coastal coral.

Austin-tatious Turquoise
Cowgirls love this bodacious blue-green.

It's Totally Fort Worth It
A shimmery lavender grey that’s so worthy of you.

I Vant to Be A-Lone Star
You won’t want to share this starry Texas-sky blue.

Do You Think I'm Tex-y?
A “berry” sexy bloom of Dallas dahlia.

Houston We Have a Purple
A galactic red-violet that’s ready to “rocket roll”!

Too Hot Pink to Hold 'Em
A red-hot pink-red that deals a winning hand.

Don't Mess with OPI
A lean, mean, kick-grass forest green.

Suzi Loves Cowboys
But she loves this campfire chocolate shade s’more!

San Tan-tonio
A “honey” of a ten-gallon tan!

Glow: I really love the brights in this collection, very ideal for spring/summer. I'm also a big fan of neutrals so there's no surprise that "San Tan-tonio" is actually my favorite color out of all of them!

Glare: Although it's a part of OPI's new sorbet formula, I can't say that I was head over heels for the transparency in some of the colors. It's just a peeve of mine, something about being able to see my nails through my polish isn't exactly what I look for in a polish.

Would I Recommend It? I would, of course there are some colors I prefer over others but this is a pretty nice collection.

Overall Glam: With such a large collection, I honestly would've loved to have seen a broader range of colors. While the pinks & corals are really pretty, they don't really stand out from one another. A couple of the shades look too much alike, like 3-4 variations of the same color. Overall it's a nice selection but I would've loved to have seen a few less pinks.

The Texas Collection by OPI is currently available at select retailers including ULTA for about $8.50 a bottle. To find retailers near you or to learn more please visit www.opi.com .
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12 April 2011

Say Hello To Young and Vibrant Skin | Park Avenue Prescription | Review + Giveaway

*Giveaway is now closed *

Let's face it, we've all been at war at some point in time with the appearance of our skin. Whether it was just a phase ( i.e. those brutal acne filled teenage years ) or an ongoing battle that you're still trying to conquer. If you're anything like me, the mission to find quality skincare products is seemingly never-ending. And that's mainly because as we gradually change so does our skin. So for me, the only option is to try and stay two steps ahead.

Being a woman in my * cringes * late twenties, I can't even express how important it is to me to have fresh, vibrant and youthful looking skin. While my skin is still pretty youthful, I also have a few problematic areas that I'm consistently trying to keep under control. Which is why I'm always in search of quality products that will help me do just that.

The Sadick Dermatology Group has recently launched a new and innovative skincare line called Park Avenue Prescription. It's designed with three products that are formulated to take the guess work out of caring for your skin.

The starter kit includes:

AM Protection Cream – a blend of anti-oxidants and amino acids that provide 24-hour hydration, broad UVA protection (SPF 20), detoxification, and defense against collagen breakdown, while leaving skin with an instantly improved appearance.

PM Reversal Serum– a highly potent cocktail of peptides, retinols, and AHAs to stimulate natural collagen production, enhance cellular turnover, and decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Improves the turgor and tension of the skin as well as skin softness and smoothness.

PM Rejuvenation Cream – a calming and relaxing cream with pigment and redness fighting agents targeting melanin (melasma, age spots) and hemoglobin (redness, irritation, rosacea) to reduce inflammation and dark spots while hydrating skin and improving overall skin tone.

Glow: The first thing I liked off top is that each of these creams are practically scentless. I've used a lot of creams & products in the past that don't exactly have pleasant scents and I'm not a huge fan of those. I also like that the formula of both creams and the serum is really lightweight, it doesn't feel heavy on my skin at all, which is a plus especially since I have excessively oily skin.

Glare: The only downside is that it is a little pricey. The kit retails for about $70. The kit is a one month supply but I'm almost willing to estimate that it could last a little longer because you don't really need a lot of the product. But you also have to account for whether or not you're using it every single day, which is recommended.

Would I Recommend It? Honestly it's too soon to say, because I've only used it for about a week and a half now and I'm still testing my results. The product does indicate that on average it takes about 20 days ( or 4 weeks ) to notice visible signs of improvement. So we shall see! :o)

Overall Glam: There's just always that little bit of skepticism lingering around when I hear the word " anti-aging". I think it's because I instantly think of products for wrinkles :-/ then I think about old people, then I want to cry. Ok, maybe that's going a little too far lol but I want to emphasize for those who may think like me, that anti-aging doesn't solely consist of wrinkles!! These products are also formulated to work on keeping your skin smooth and The Rejuvenation Cream helps pigmentation and discoloration which is one of my main problems!

Park Avenue Prescription will be the first skincare kit at Sephora to feature exclusive QR code technology on the packaging and in-store displays. Smart phone users will be able to snap a picture of these “codes” to immediately view a video of the experts behind the brand giving a comprehensive and in-depth product training and using specially created animation to explain the benefits of the products.

Sadick Dermatology Group Park Avenue Prescription starter kit is $70 and will be available July 2011 at Sephora and Sephora.com. It is currently available at www.sadickdermatologygroup.com

Check out the vid below for the official rules.

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Good Luck!
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