22 April 2011

Girls With Curls | Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel | Review

I've been quite skeptical for awhile now and debated whether or not I wanted to give the infamous Eco Styler Gel a try. After seeing so many natural girls rave about this gel, my curiosity finally got the best of me. I actually went to Target the other day with the sole intention of buying the Kinky Curly Curling Custard ( which I absolutely LOVE )  but unfortunately they were sold out of it! I mean those shelves were naked, I even asked if they had any in the back. No Luck!! :o(

I didn't really feel like trying another Target or going all the way to Whole Foods just to find it so I told myself that I'd search for it another day! Before heading home I stopped at my local beauty supply store to pick up a few items and guess what I stumbled across. Yep, a row full of Eco Styler. I grabbed the first one that caught my eye which was an 8oz container of clear green Olive Oil gel. And after seeing the $1.49 price tag, Baby I was SOLD!

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Glow: It doesn't flake!!! And to be honest that's the only thing that was hindering me from trying this gel a long time ago. True enough I've seen plenty of people praise Eco Styler but I've also heard the horror stories about it leaving your hair white & flaky! Thank God I didn't experience that!  It was super easy to apply and it didn't leave my hair sticky, dry or crunchy. I put a little Moroccanoil Hydrating Cream on my hair right before applying the gel because I wanted to ensure that my hair maintained it's moisture. Also after my hair dried completely, my curls looked really fluffy and felt soft!

Glare: Thumbs down to next day hair :o( I mean I still had curls but they weren't as full looking as they were on the first day. Honestly I don't think the product is to blame for that, I always have issues with next day hair and it's because of my texture. Let my beautician tell it I have " baby soft hair " lol. My hair is definitely soft and no matter WHAT I put in it, it stays that way! I mean I guess one can't really complain about having soft hair but hell it's really annoying because my hair can't hold a style for long!

Would I Recommend It? Um, Yeah! Um Hellooooo? They are basically GIVING this gel away! It's only $1.49, I can't even think of a product that I've bought that was so inexpensive. I think it's definitely worth a try for all curly girls.

Overall Glam: It's a decent, cheap alternative! I can definitely see myself purchasing it again. I still stand firm on my word that it's no replacement or comparison to my beloved Kinky Curly Curling Custard but it will surely take up residency on my product shelf! Final thoughts, I'm content.....for now.

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  1. It looks good on your hair!! my curly hair totally gone after I moved to Finland...*sigh*

  2. Thank You! Aw how did your curls disappear ? lol

  3. I use this to twist my hair...love the hold and definition!

  4. at first I thought olive oil is only good for cooking. But I just realize its also good for the benefit and preservation of our skin.


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