21 June 2011

Dare To Be Sinful! Sinful Colors Extra Shiny Lipgloss | Review

I've been meaning to review these for quite some time now. If you're not familiar with Sinful Colors by now then you've probably been hiding under a few rocks. Sinful Colors is a cute and affordable cosmetic brand that's carried in beauty supply & drugstore's nationwide. I've heard that they sell it at Walgreens but I have yet to see any in my local stores. But lucky for me the beauty supply store right around the corner from my house carries an extensive collection. They're primarily known for their nail polish but they also make lipgloss and other various items. I've completely fallen in love with their Extra Shiny Lipgloss collection. Check out a few colors below that I have in my stash.  

#2221 Fushia 

#224 Yearning

#2226 Plummy

#2211 Breathless 

Glow: The vibrancy of these lipglosses have definitely impressed me! They're super pigmented and each come with a hint of sparkle. They're also super shiny and the best part they actually smell good!!

Glare: There's nothing that I don't love about these glosses! The only thing I wish is that they'd put the sticker with the name of the color on the actual top or the bottom on the tube. It's currently located on the side.  I think that would make it easier for storage, especially for someone with a lot of lipgloss!

Would I Recommend It? Hell yes!! I'll probably end up buying a few more colors if not all of them lol.

Overall Glam: You get tons of color in one gloss without spending a fortune! These were only $1.99 in my local beauty supply store. Of course prices may vary depending on your location & where you purchase them from. I've seen them online for about $3. Either way you're still getting a great deal and quality gloss!

*The Sinful Colors website is currently undergoing maintenance but if you want to bookmark it it's http://sinfulcolors.com . Like I mentioned, you can find these at various online retailers. You may want to check to see if your local Walgreens or beauty supply store carries them first.

Product(s) in this post were purchased by me. 


  1. I want ALL of those colors!! LOL!

  2. Wow very pretty might to stop by the store soon. lol

  3. Yes! You all should get them, they have a LOT of pretty colors!Idk why my Walgreens doesn't sell them though.

  4. Sweet! I love Sinful polishes and haven't seen other products yet. But I'd be all over trying them if I saw them :) I'm loving Yearning!


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