12 July 2011

Girls With Curls | Wonder Curl " Butter Than Love Pudding " | Review + Braid Out

I'm back again with another fabulous product from Wonder Curl :o) This time I'm reviewing the Butter Than Love Pudding. If you missed my review of Wonder Curls " Get Set Hair Jelly " then you can check it out here. Wonder Curl's Butter Than Love Pudding is an ultra-moisturizing hair cream. It's designed to hydrate your natural hair without weighing down your curls. It has a light and fluffy formula that gives your hair shine,  softness and curl definition.

So this go round I decided that I'd do a braid-out. I haven't done a braid-out literally in over 3 years. There's no specific reason behind why I haven't other than I've just been lazy lol. I will say that I've never done one before using product, I usually would just braid my damp hair after a wash & condition and that be it. So I was definitely kinda excited to see what my results would be with using the Butter Than Love Pudding.

I washed and conditioned my hair like normal then applied the Butter Than Love Pudding on each section as I was preparing to braid my damp hair. I ended up with a total of seventeen medium sized plats. I allowed them to air dry completely then took them down that night. 

The photos below are of my hair the very next day. I combed it through with my fingers to kinda separate the crinkles and make it fuller. Although the waves/crinkles are pretty in some aspects, I also realized why I haven't done a braid-out in so long. For starters it's too time consuming, I really can't see myself doing braid-outs on a regular basis. And the other thing that kinda annoys me about braid-outs in general is how my ends come out. They look funky, probably because I put rubber bands at the end of each plat. But I have to, or they will unravel. Idk the ends just look untamed to me, I could probably curl them with rollers or something but again that ties back into that whole time consuming thing that I hate lol. My thoughts on the Butter Than Love Pudding are below :o) 

Glow: The pudding made my hair soooooo soft! I literally couldn't stop touching it. I also love the fact that it lives up to what claims, which is that it doesn't weigh your hair down. I've tried other products that were too heavy and created a buildup so it's refreshing to find something that keeps my hair feeling light and bouncy yet still moisturizes.

Glare: None other than my raggedy ends which are the rubber bands fault lol.

Would I Recommend It? Yes! It actually states that it's designed to work well with Wonder Curls Get Set Hair Jelly for added curl definition. I plan to use them both together as a wash and go next time. I'll update you all on how that works out for me :o)

Overall Glam: The Butter Than Love Pudding is a great product. It has a honeysuckle scent that's really soft and not overwhelming. Wonder Curl's products are packed with great ingredients that are sure to keep your hair healthy, manageable and beautiful! Definitely a winning combination in my book :o)

** The Butter Than Love Pudding currently retails as follows; 4oz retails for $12 and an 8oz retails for $20. To learn more about the company, the products or to purchase, please visit wondercurl.com .

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  1. Your hair is really growing, You should try a straw or roller @ the end.

  2. Yes it is! I think it's b/c this color is finally growing out lol. I've always wanted to try strawlers but idk if I have the patience.

  3. Just on the ends when you do styles like this.

  4. Glad to see this post. I want to curl my hair, like permanent curl but I don't have any idea how I'll be able to manage curl hair, seeing this post makes me want to go straight to the salon now!


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