08 September 2011

Girls With Curls | Curly Hair Solutions Medium Curl Kit | Review + Photos

One thing that I'm gonna miss about the summer is the ability to do effortless wash & go styles. I've been the queen of wash & go's all summer long and unfortunately I don't own a diffuser (yet) so I may have to cut down on that simple hair luxury as the weather starts to get cooler :o( 

Curly Hair Solutions offer products that aim to resolve all curly hair types issues such as frizz, definition, tangles and dryness. They have three sample curl kits that include 5 products related to your specific hair type. The hair types range from loose, medium and tight. I'm still not too sure of my curl type just yet but I chose the Medium Curl Kit because the descriptions sound most like my hair out of the three. 

The Medium Curl Kit Includes: 2oz bottles of Silk Shampoo, Conditioner, Silk Leave-In Conditioner, 3oz bottles of Curl Keeper and Slip Detangler. The kit retails for $32. Check out pics and my full review below :o)

Glow: Well for starters I really like that they give you the option of a starter set because it gives you a chance to sample everything related to your hair type. The shampoo and conditioner smell really good, the silky leave-in conditioner was really soft and lightweight. I used the slip detangler spray right after combing the leave-in through. The curl keeper is probably my favorite out of the products, my curls were well defined and really full and bouncy! Most importantly they weren't frizzy!!

Glare: Not really a con but just something I've noticed since using the products. I've done a wash and go for about 4 days now and there's definitely been a variation in the way my hair has drawn up each time. Not really sure if it's the way I allowed it to dry but this last time it drew up pretty tight, which isn't a bad thing because I actually kinda like the length in these pics. The first few times I allowed it to air dry while I went about my day and this last time I fell asleep on it before it was completely dry so maybe that's why it drew up a little more, idk.

Would I Recommend It? Yesssss!! I literally couldn't stop touching my hair. I love that my curls were full yet still defined, it came out really pretty.

Overall Glam: Since they're samples, each product is relatively small ( 2-3 ounce bottles). Surprisingly I was still able to get about 3 washes in so far, I probably have enough shampoo & conditioner left for 1 more wash. I still have quite a bit of the Slip detangler and the curl keeper left so I'm definitely happy about that. Overall, the products lived up to what they claimed. I'm extremely pleased with my results, there's nothing like having touchable hair and my hair is super soft and looks and feels properly moisturized, I couldn't ask for more :o)

* Each curl kit retails for $32. The products are also individually available in full sizes. To purchase or to learn more please visit www.frizzoff.com .

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  1. Seems like a lot of steps. I wonder how it would work after just the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in.

  2. It would probably work fine! I like the curl keeper stuff the best b/c it eliminates the frizz! The leave-in and curl keeper are my faves!

  3. OMG!! Thank you very much because I was getting alittle borad of breading my hair & din't want to perm it. So this is really helpful. Love your website and for only 30+ :) Amazing Thx. :D

    1. Thanks for stopping by ^_^ Let me know if you try it out!


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