10 November 2011

Violent Lips | Temporary Lip Tattoos "Glitteratti Collection"| Review + Photos

I'm all about trying new things and stepping outside of the box from time to time. And for me, sometimes stepping outside the box includes trying new and trendy things. I first learned about Violent Lips probably a little over a year ago. If you're not familiar with the company they sell various creatively designed temporary lip tattoos. I remember Keyshia Cole tweeting a photo of herself wearing a pair and they were so cute! I've had my eyes on these and have wanted to try them ever since! Glitteratti is Violent Lips latest collection and I recently tried the Crimson colored set. 

Each set comes with 3 applications. 

The steps are simple, All you need are a pair of scissors, cotton balls, and water. 

Step 1-POP: 
Remove the appliqué out of it’s stencil.

Step 2 -MEASURE: 
Line the center of the top lip appliqué to your cupid and measure the width and depth of your lip with your mouth open to a wide “Ahh” Shape. Make sure to stay outside your water line. 

Step 3-CUT: 
Cut to your measurements using the horizontal and vertical guides on the back of the lips. 

Step 4-PEEL: 
Peel the plastic film off the appliqué. 

Step 5-APPLY: 
Put the sticky side of the appliqué on your lips, making sure to keep your mouth in the wide “Ahh” shape. Soak the paper backing in water using your cotton ball until the paper starts to slide off. 

Step 6-SEAL: 
Seal and smooth the appliqués with a generous amount of water using your cotton swab.

 ** Wait 5 minutes for your lips to fully dry before you apply any product over your lips, eat or drink

Crimson Glitteratti

As you can tell in the pic below I kinda miscalculated how much to cut off on the bottom lip, hence the missing piece in the corner lol...oops :-/  

Glow: So I really didn't get the application of these quite right until my second attempt, I watched the tutorial on their website and once you get the concept they're pretty easy to apply. What I like most about these is that they aren't messy. I was a little apprehensive about the glitter at first because I thought it would end up everywhere but that's not the case. The glitter stays sealed to the sticky part and remains in place. I also liked that it was really easy to remove, all I had to do was peel them off and viola!

Glare: It really wasn't what I expected. You really do have to use a lot of water to get them to stick to your lips, even then I still had problems with it clinging to every crease and fold on my lips. It's literally like a sticker, I guess I was under the impression that it would sorta transfer like a gloss or "tattoo" but it's really just like applying a thin sticker to your lips :-/ They also feel really awkward, like if you smile too hard they might peel or come off. You definitely wouldn't want to eat, drink, or do anything extra in them. They feel very dry too, I applied a clear gloss on top to seal in some moisture and make them look a little less pasted on.

Would I Recommend It? Ehh, all of the lip tattoos that Violent Lips offers are really creative and cute. I mean it seemed like a cool idea until I actually tried these. Keep in mind that Glitteratti are the only kind that I have tried so far and these are a bit textured whereas some of the other designs look a lot smoother. I honestly don't see a use for these other than if you're trying to do something edgy for a photoshoot or possibly a costume, otherwise it's a bit much and sorta awkward for normal wear. I would love to try some of their other designs just to see if there's a difference in how they feel.

Where To Buy: The Glitteratti set retails for $14.95, each set includes 3 applications. To purchase or to learn more please visit www.violentlips.com .

Here's a quick tutorial that demonstrates step by step on how to apply the Glitteratti Lips.

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  1. Violent Lips work really well! I liked how they looked on you :) I highly recommend them!


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