01 December 2011

Merle Norman | Matte Oil-Free Moisturizer | Review

I think just about everyone knows by now that Fall/Winter is my favorite season. The only thing I don't really love about this time of year is that my skin starts to do some pretty crazy things. On top of my already excessively oily skin, the cool weather can be pretty brutal and sometimes the areas around my nose and cheeks start to peel. As you can only imagine it's nothing close to a pretty sight. Well I'm always eager to try products that are specifically formulated for my skin type. Merle Norman has a Matte Oil-Free Moisturizer that's designed for oily skin. Did it live up to what it claimed? Only one way to find out, check my full review below! 

Matte Oil-Free Moisturizer
For Normal/Oily skin types. 
Welcome matte! This lightweight hydrating lotion contains advanced microspheres that absorb oil throughout the day. Combined with optical diffusers, it also helps minimize the appearance of pores, leaving skin soft and smooth with a fresh matte finish. Fragrance-free. Oil-free.


-Unique combination of Seaweed, Cinnamon Bark, and Emollients helps thin down sebum and allows for more efficient oil absorption with starch and microspheres.
- optical diffusers help minimize the appearance of pores.
- Humectants soften skin.
- Non-comedogenic, light wright, non-greasy and fast-absorbing moisturizer for use morning and night.

Price: $30 (2oz)

Glow: I was actually pretty excited to see just how well this moisturizer would work so I decided to put it to the test by using it on my face after the end of a full day, which is usually the time where my skin has accumulated plenty of oil. Now the directions state that you should apply it to a cleansed face (which I also did later) but I was curious to see the effect it would have when my skin is the most oiliest. The first thing I noticed is that the formula is extremely lightweight and it's fragrance free which is a huge plus because I'm not a fan of using scented products on my skin a lot. After applying it over my entire face I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at the rapid results. The moisturizer has a matte formula and when I tell you not even a minute had past before I noticed that it had already absorbed ALL of the oil from my skin!!! So now that I knew that it definitely worked I wanted to test it again, this time by following the directions. I cleansed my face and used the moisturizer again afterwards, my skin felt and looked well balanced. I've been using it for about a week or so now and it's been doing an excellent job at minimizing my oily skin.

Glare: None! Honestly I couldn't find a con about this product if I tried! Bottom line is that it delivers and lives up to what it claims. And best of all I don't have to walk around anymore looking like I dipped my face in baby oil :-) lol.

Would I Recommend It? I definitely would. It's really a must-have for those of us who suffer from oily skin.  The tube is only 2 oz. but you don't really have to use a whole lot of product so I think it's worth the buy.

Where To Buy: The Merle Norman Matte Oil-Free Moisturizer retails for $30 and is currently available at various retailers nationwide. To purchase or to learn more please visit www.merlenorman.com .

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